Notification Settings X Time Settings. She says that she and Guman started dancing at an early age. Ghuman asks where is she and what did you tell her. Retrieved 5 February Kumud tries to get some help and tries to break the window. Kumud cries saying leave me, let me go.

Kumud is shocked seeing Sunanda changing her colors. She drops the phone in the hot water bucket and says who Sunanda likes once, she does not let her go. He then decides not to marry Kumud because he believes that, since he is no longer the son of a rich man, he will not be able to support her and is therefore unworthy to be her husband. She tries to break the wooden rods and succeeds. Uttaran 2nd April Written Episode Update. Hayyee Precap shows Kumari telling Saras that Kumud had stayed up the whole night ,to make pots for him so that she could do her school work ,the next day and Saras realises that she had sent kumari with the food indicating that she did not want to meet him! Saras takes help by some villager. Everyone are worried for Kumud.

Archal 3rd Apr – 9: Saras, Danny and Kabir are looking everywhere for Kumud. Kumud is unaware that Saras has realised his mistake and wanted to stop her wedding with Pramad but before he could do so, thugs beat him and left him for dead.

Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 14 February Kumud goes to her room and looks at the pot which she had kept,Saras’s first pot and she remembers her mother’s words about how only a husband has a right to be intimate saraswatichqndra that since he had already said No,she would only be hurt more and Kumud has tears in her eyes She looks at the Lord Krishna photos on the wall of her room and she asks for forgiveness and tells that she would not let such a thing happen again!


Sunanda says that she is not a traitor like Guman.

Sunanda says I knew when you came here, no one can go out of here epsiode my permission. She says your bahu is missing right. Senthil Senthil Personal Blog. SaMud are unable to sleep!

VC tells her to give Saras a chance. They keep remembering that moment! Saras says I m sorry. She says that she and Guman started dancing at an early wriitten. SLB productions Sphere Origins Sunanda asks the man.

Telly Written Updates: Saraswatichandra 5th December Written Update

She tries to tell him about the rejection, Dukbaa comes in and 2nx him to be careful this time. The show was initially based on Govardhanram Tripathi ‘s novel of the same name. Everyone are worried for Kumud.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon – rishbala. To save her family’s reputation, a heartbroken Kumud agrees to marry Pramadan Dharmadhikari Pramad Anshul Trivedithe son of a political family.

Qubool Hai 31st October Written Updates. Guniyal says Badimaa was worried since morning, see Kumud really got missing.

Saraswatichandra: 2nd April; Kumud In Captivity

Jodha Akbar 31st December Written Episode Scene 1 Maham comes in garden where soldiers captured one man, soldier says he was announcing She runs away and he looks at her retreating figure,in shock! Ghuman asks why did you keep her. Saras leaves Dubaithe place where he had grown up, and comes to RatnanagriKumud’s village.

Sections of this page. VC feels that Guniyal wants to say something to him and she tries to tell him that them spending too much time is not good and even Dukh Baa comes and agrees with Guniyal but VC is not bothered and says that it is good for them to spend time together before Marriage and he also tells Dukh Baa to try to understand Saras!


The Times of India. Writte lucu anti galaU Entertainment Website. Saras tells Kumud that she sold all the pots. Saras keeps talking and says I kept hurting you and you endured. She says forget your old name e;isode address as you are ours now.

Telly Written Updates: Saraswatichandra 4th December Written Update

After her divorce with Pramad Zpril gets married to her true love Saras. She has guts, she came alone in Chandni bazaar. Saras tells Kumud he won’t go out of her life until he unites her with Pramad. She sees a window with its panes open.

Kumari is giving food to Saras and tells him Kumud is going to make pots all night. They have an eye lock. Kumud asks for help.

She still respects friendship and has not revealed everything to Kumud. Sign in Recover your password. Retrieved 19 March Kumud is looking at Saras’s first handmade pot and keeps thinking about everything. Kumud says yes, they might be wriitten. With the help of Kumud, she regains her memories and mental health, and reunites with her family.

As she runs,unknown to her,her payal falls down and Saras is aghast at what he has done! Saras thinks Kumud doesn’t want to meet him. He locks Kumud in a room and leaves. Kumud’s mom gives medicine to VC, he asks her what is she thinking about.

The inspector asks does she wfitten an affair.