C onnect the correct power supply. Frames are available separately, see catalog section H Available with Z. To retain stop pins, use adhesive mylar washer included; see fig. Coin silver, with gold plate over nickel plate. Equal index position stop 3. J Dust lens protects the character face of the wheel from abrasion and dust. All models except MX Contact Form see all.

Nut – Brass, nickel plated. SPST- 4, 6, 8, pos. Index once counter clockwise every time there is a start signal from the PLC. Beryllium copper, with gold plate over nickel plate. Refer to “Technical explanations” on page 49 for the details on index accuracy and repeatability. No mounting hardware is supplied. See the appropriate switch section for specific ratings, agency approvals and other specifications.

Origin can be configured randomly using the origin offset function. No frame color choice required. Teaching Pendant 86 24 How to order Model Model no. See lamp information page C When using the type with optional magnetic brakes, refer to the section “Using the magnetic brakes”. Movement time t 1 used for selecting the model should be the direct drive actuator command movement time. Custom markings and legends avail- able, consult factory.


All models with all options when raisev with Raized, L, M er Q contact material. A When rotation center is own shaft 1. CI, 22 nr 1 Term, bend radii and lead-in mfg.

Hollow diameter is wide large size option. When inputting start signal without selecting the program no.

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Two required lor complete assembly. Switch terminal plating may actjator gold, silver, or tin-lead. Connect them only during setting and adjustment. Only one “Pull-up Rp resistor is recommended per system, other resistors of different values may be used for specific applications, consult factory. Note that jumpers are added by customer. Endplates, blank sections and spacers are available separately, see catalog section H. Gross weight 5 g. Copper alloy, silver plated 9 Q contact mat’l.

DPDT Actuator and frame supplied not installed. Parameter mode Five types of cam curves are selectable. If operation is started with an incorrect actuator and driver combination after the program is input after parameter settingit may result in malfunctions and damages.

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Stainless steel, tin plated. To retain stop pins, use adhesive mylar washer included; see fig. Actuator shown In pos.


Jig pallet total weight: Build-A- Switch allows you to mix and match options to create the switch you need – simply select desired option from each category. AV5 ex AV2 P. Edit mode Twelve types of sample programs are selectable, so try these during adjustment.

It must not be modified or machined. Z termination option CSA certified only when ordered with I epoxy base seal, over nickel plate.

Rigid dispensing tubes also available, consult factory. Wiring methods changed from terminal block to connector? All hardware is available separately, see catalog section H. I r – 1 oo— GS02 – omit center hole.

Select actuator cap finish from chart. Custom actuator legends and markings available, consult factory. Actautor shown in pos. D o not disassemble the actuator, because this may compromise expected functions and accuracy. TO models available, see page C All other models, 40, cycles.