And i loved the fight scene between our. Uh, you think you could have done this research before hiring the guy? Etter at “I Miss You” ble ferdig, har dette dramaet tatt plassen dems. Posted March 6, I wish that people could stop complaining or mentioning about Choi Kang Hee’s age. Again, they both finish at the same time, this time shooting perturbed looks at each other.

Mini January 31, at Area State Sub; DramaFever: I do like several of these actors. Even when it was on its continuous downward. I seriously can’t stand his acting. He joins the duo… and asks Do-ha to be his partner. Gil-ro insists on partnering up with Do-ha as though beating him in this exercise is his goal , to which Do-ha leans in to mutter a warning:

They both shoot proficiently at target practice, and Gil-ro puffs up to be told he did a good job. So let’s not make a fuss about CKH since she is really doing a good job here. Faranak January 31, at 1: Must be him the agents are looking to nab.

Cupcake January 31, at 4: Posted March 6, By Mariposa28 Started October 27, Unsubscribe from Robert Ayala? Guy is angry, you are in a situation and you asking him if he had his meal? Thanks for the recap, I’ve been waiting for it. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. And why does this stupid girl cry in public after she loses the gamble?

At least mysoju used to keep the credits. It’s just economical to cast an experienced actress on the cheap and then get an actor with even less clout to maximize profit. Gil-ro keeps his cool, somehow managing to smirk coolly rather than peeing his pants at the thousands on the table.

Boy just got hustled.

Are we finally at the end of this One Road and all the puns we can possibly milk out of that name? He hasn’t lost all of his money yet and we know he’ll make a comeback because theres no way he’d be fired so soon and the girl seems to be on good terms with him in the preview.


On the other hand, there is a scientific way. If you look at the female characters in dramaland, we have the 20 something and the ahjummas.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Do-ha looks upset for the first time, while Gil-ro is triumphant. I don’t think it is unrealistic for someone to cry in that situation, and the person is not necessarily a wimp for doing so.

The oceanic crust is 5 km 3 mi to 10 km 6 mi thick[2] and is composed primarily of basalt, diabase, and gabbro She’s really pretty and she can kick ass as well T7h for the recap, JB. And you guys can complain, but what I’m really looking for is if choi kang hee can make me change my mind about her being the main actress.

I dropped it at ep 6. They all deflect with embarrassed excuses, so Won-seok pulls out a bonus and dangles it as the prize. Please just enjoy the drama, if u don’t just leave it. They’re giving a opinion on your opinion, which they have a right to.

But, if I watch more than a minute or so, I get irritated by a spy-training school that has the aura of a Disney channel show all about pretty teenagers training to be James Bond, and also a bunch of characters, supposedly elite, carefully screened recruits, acting like 12 year-old airheads who can’t muster one adult brain among them.

[Engsub] 7th Level Civil Servant Ep – 16 watch online | Joowonies Pyong

I wish Servxnt was the main girl in this drama though. Their priorities varied and coming to the training ground is right now making our leads reassess their needs and each other.

As for my opinion of your covil, your opinion of her acting, I can live with. Plus, I also believe these people look at how many hit dramas you have under your belt.


Ha, did he not want to be with Sun-mi that badly?

So while I appreciate her recap and comments, I have some reservation towards her judgment about everything CKH. But, like I said, this is not a true rom-com but a sitcom stocked with extreme, over-the-top characters. Do-ha earns even more goodwill with his compatriots by telling them his first target score was 17, and that it means nothing. Why you would be so turned off from watching a show or even looking at a picture of a person just because of how the person looks?

And how did Soo-young end up here? By Yongzura Started June 21, Which is a totally different thing.


Ann January 31, at 1: You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. There is not an ounce of attractiveness in her so the chemistry is not possible in my eyes.

I have a question about this, “Then Won-seok amazes them by Matrixing the room with a remote control, changing the setting from fancy gala to NIS lobby to banquet hall.

I think I’ll just settle in reading recaps. Later on computer they just simply switched in the background the white walls with the image they wanted. This episode episove better Color of Woman Title: Gil-ro sees Do-ha and Seo-won both laughing as they get in a friendly headlock, and simmers.