As a note to reloading this round If you start just 1 or 2 grains under the data for the German 8x57m you should be very safe and just work up from there? If we took this load to the yard range, it might just print more like where we wanted it, as by that time the bullet would be in its downward trajectory. AussieHunter Rookie Member Joined: I didn’t get to try my gr’s loads of red dot this time, but someone was saying 13 is a max load. Mar 20, Posts: Good Cast Bullet load for 8x56R??? Sat May 10, Sep 22, Posts:

I also tried the above load with formed Russiancases. Its in lake Charles La. If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck! If you shoot it at dusk, you are in for a treat. All times are GMT Apr 27, Posts: They were supposed to be. I slugged my bore before I went to the range.

There are a couple of problems in reloading for thiscartridge.

Except that it has a lower pressure than the 7. I need to order dies and cases, whatever. I found it necessary to anneal the Russian cases as theysplit on sizing.

I also wanted to try the fairly new “Trail Boss” powder from IMR in cast bullet loads in this caliber. It’s easy to figure out where the bullets 8xx56r going.


Thanks for sharing your loads and shooting experience for the 8x56R mm. Got nice grain. I too use the Lee. I forgot my loading of them, they don’t feed well in the guns’.

I have g lead bullets. Bulkets shooting it a few times I started wondering where Iwas going to get ammo when the supply of military surplusammo ran out. What I did was get some 8mm lebel revolver bullets.

Dec 24, Posts: Alliant RL Fed primer Avg. English Mike Super Member Joined: To start Reloading 8X56R. It is an outgrowth of the 8x50R and it was used only by the armies of the Hapsburgs in the early half of the 20th century.

I shot both rifles today with 13, 14, and 15 gr’s of Trail boss. Display posts from previous: I was very happy with the results. Buloets didn’t get to try my gr’s loads of red dot this time, but someone was saying 13 is a max load. Jan 08, Posts: I was impressed with the accuracy of this load I was shooting a rifle and a carbine I was getting one hole groups with the rifle and getting cat good groups with the carbine till the front lens of my scout mount scope fell off.


Good Cast Bullet load for 8x56R ???

Sat May 10, I’ll redo them soon. Wonderful SD, accuracy good, but at first hard to determine as this load at 50 yards printed so high that I had to aim below the paper to get it to print.

Join 8x56d Dec Posts Some of these rifles have groove diameters well over. At yards, this load was perfectly centered on the paper target. Theresults are as follows: Vince Super Member Joined: Use cast bullet loading data for the 7.

8x56R (.329″) Caliber

It came complete with all the extras – bayonet, sling, etc etc Guess it’s time to pick up another set of reloading dies. I have one of these rifles that I haven’t fired yet. Aug 18, Posts: This data was all taken using milsurp M95 Steyr short rifles.