The top slide touches the bottom slide at one end and rests on a 0. An oil film on the surface of water is illuminated with monochromatic light of wavelength The speed of light in diamond is 1. How did Maxwell conclude that light waves were Electromagnetic waves? What is the intensity of a secondary maxima compared to that of the principal maxima? We wish to shine a second laser, with a different wavelength, through the same slits. Find the minimum thickness of a soap bubble that appears red when illuminated by white light perpendicular to its surface. Why is monochromatic light used in the double slit experiment?

If the frequency of the light in water is 7. What is the smallest separation between two slits that will produce a second-order maximum for nm red light? What is the distance between the central maximum and the second dark fringe on a screen 1. What is the smallest thickness of the coating that reduces the reflection at nm by destructive interference? An experimenter detects fringes when the movable mirror in a Michelson interferometer is displaced. Wave Optics, located at the end of the chapter. What is the frequency of light in the film? If the wavelength of light in diamond is nm, and its frequency is 1.

If the frequency of the light in diamond is 9. What is the intensity of a secondary maxima compared to that of the principal maxima? What is the speed of light in the liquid? A soap film is illuminated with monochromatic light wavelength of The light source used is a sodium lamp, wavleength nm. Picture shows a double slit located a distance x from a screen, with the distance from the center of the screen given by y. Determine the distance between the adjacent bright fringes.

What is the highest order fringe in the interference pattern? Two visible lines in the sodium spectrum have wavelengths nm and nm. What is the thickness of the piece of paper? Light incident from above can reflect from the top and bottom of the glass cover and from the glass slide below the water drop.


What is a the wavelength of this sound and b the distance between the central maximum and the first maximum loud position along this line? For nm wavelength light and a slit separation of 0.

A soap bubble is nm thick and illuminated by white light incident perpendicular to its surface. What wavelenhth and color of visible light is most constructively reflected, assuming the same index of refraction as water? The distance between etchings on a Diffraction Grating is 1.

What is the angular width of the central fringe of the interference pattern of. What is the name of the theory that integrated quantum physics with electromagnetism? Using the result of the preceding problem, a calculate the distance between fringes for nm light falling on double slits separated by 0. Light has a frequency of 4. Is the first fringe near the edge where the plates are in contact a bright fringe or a dark fringe? What should be the separation between the two slits?

The diameter of the copper wire is n What is the speed of light wavelengtn the oil film?

Why does light refract wwavelength it passes through different media, like air to water? Suppose that the setup of the preceding problem is immersed in an unknown liquid. If light acted only as a particle, there would be a maximum detected opposite each slit opening. Light has a wavelength of nm in vacuum. The separation between the slits is 0. A microphone is located on the line connecting two speakers that are 0. What is the distance to the first maximum on a screen 4.


How many fringes will cross the observing field? What happens for other wavelengths and other incident directions? What is the frequency in glass?

For a three-slit interference pattern, find the ratio of the peak intensities of a secondary maximum to a principal maximum. A film of oil on water will appear dark when it is very thin, because the path length difference becomes small compared with the wavelength of light and there is a phase shift at the top surface.


What is the frequency of light in the film? Light has a frequency of 5. The other end of the rod is anchored so it ,ight not move.

3.E: Interference (Exercises)

What property of light does this experiment demonstrate? This, he reasons, should be much cheaper than designing Stealth bombers. Light with a frequency of 6. This results in an interference pattern on a screen a distance L away from the slits.

What is the longest wavelength that forms a second-order maximum?

Electro-Magnetic Induction

The solutions to his equations showed that Electromagnetic waves moved at the same speed as light. In a Michelson interferometer, light of wavelength What colors indicate by wavelengths of the reflected sunlight are seen enhanced? What is the frequency of the light in water?

What is the distance from the midpoint of the screen to the 1st order maxima for light with a wavelength of nm? Add this document to collection s. What should be the minimum thickness of the film in order illuminatex produce maximum reflection for the normally incident light of wavelength Also, when a wave encounters a small opening, it generates a new wave on the other side.

In an open field, two speakers placed 1. Picture shows a schematics of a set-up utilized to measure the refractive index of a gas. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. What is the distance between the two slits if the screens are 3. As result of diffraction an interference pattern is produced on the second screen 4.