He is not just hypocritical, he is shameless as well. I enjoyed all the scenes where she showed her displeasure and answered back to Zayaan. She stood up to Zayaan for the first time and gave him the attitude that he truly deserved. She called Zayan to pick her up and take her to a doctor who told her to go with her mother. By Farwa Batool Naqvi Share this: Instead of telling his sister off for asking his wife to take care of her child when Mariam is so ill, he has the audacity to yell at her for upsetting his arrogant, good-for-nothing sister.

She called Zayan to pick her up and take her to a doctor who told her to go with her mother. A lot of shocking twists and turns happened this week in the show. Meanwhile Faiza is busy cooking up another scheme. For the first time, I felt for the girl, just imagining how lonely it must be for her to roam around the house all the time with no one to talk to. Well she did like Zayan told her and went to see a doctor with her mother and found out that she was expecting. Thanks to his mother, he refused to pick Maryam and told her to come by herself and later yelled at her for being insensible enough to not see his mother first when she came home. Why does she have to call her husband?

Adhori aurat Episode 24 – 1st October 2013

Apparently she has a really bad crush on Zayan and is trying her best to impress epispde. This was, by far, one of the most interesting episodes of Adhoogi Aurat. More articles by admin. So his exclamation that he needed time to ready himself before he met Maryam was lame. Next episode will bring more trouble for Maryam. Either way, he is now completely hate-worthy. It will be interesting to see what happens next.


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He is not just hypocritical, he is shameless as well. Create episoce free website or blog at WordPress. If they are facing problems with their in-laws and if they have someone in their life Zayaan then they should definitely turn to their parents for help.

There was a new surprising twist in every scene; a few were completely unexpected while others were a pleasant surprise. This site uses cookies. The new turn of eppisode will definitely keep us all hooked.

It was about time she stood up for herself. Zayan and his family are the most inhumane people ever! How selfish and mean can a sister be? He is never there for her, not even to listen how she feels fpisode alone defend her. It is hard to believe he married this girl aurwt the wishes of his family. How much more dependent can she be? That too in front of her servant!

What jealousy does to you. However, she, along with her mother and Faiza, is extremely unhappy that her brother is about to be a father.

I honestly hope someone knocks some sense in Zayan. Kicking out the maid was another step that was very uncharacteristic of Maryam, but it was absolutely justified. Unfortunately, people like Zayaan who are obsessed with perfection do exist in real life too.

Adhoori Aurat Episode 22 promo – 17th September 2013

Either way, he is the worst Maryam could have hoped for, at least at the moment. She has had enough of the injustice done to her by both Zayaan and his family and I was really happy to see this new side of Maryam.

How cruel can he get? The only reason why he has not divorced her yet is because of Aashiya.


Though Umair has gotten back his conscience after his girlfriend got divorced, thanks to Faiza, together they have caused enough damage. Zayaan has come up with the perfect solution to get perfection back in his life through Faiza. I expected her to break down after witnessing such a scene but I was in for a surprise as we got to see the brave and determined side of Maryam again after a long time. As for her family, except for her father, everyone has really weak memory.

Another agonising episode of Adhoori Aurat. Maryam, for the first time, made me want to cheer for her. Well she did like Zayan told auat and went to see a doctor with her mother and found out that she was expecting. He still had the courage to suggest that Maryam should forget everything if she wants to live with him. Though she is still tolerating it all, she did give Zayan a piece of her mind ajrat telling him that his mother and sister should have visited her at the hospital and he should have made them come.

I cannot believe people still believe that once the daughter is married they are not supposed to look back. He was able to go against them back then, why has it become so hard to stand up for his wife now?

Zayaaninstead of being regretful about what happened, told Maryam on her face what his real problem was. Even if they hated her, they could have sympathized after finding out adoori she is going through.