Foxy, I have never been a fan of the idea that parents deserve unconditional respect from their adult children. Camila and everybody looked great, but Gussy and Dorotea raised their game. Tormentosa Luna de Miel. Daniel while putting on the jacket: That’s really scary when I realize that he has made up his mind that Camila will be his. There are pink table runners over white tablecloths and pink bows on the backs of the chairs.

And Danny boy is in deep, but at least he’s starting to fight back a little. I wanted to be sure I interpreted everything correctly even though I heard it all. My theory about Miriam is that she has a an unrevealed, possibly undetected, chronic disease that will take her out. La enfermera le confiesa a Alonso que es su madre. Rafael helps him on with the tie. Hmmm, so it looks like Teresa and Dante didn’t uncover anything different about Miriam or the baby. Karen, I was relieved also that Daniel is keeping his cool in this situation.

I too am just happy there was no boda interruptus. If he can do that maybe he will be rewarded with a novia.

Prkosna ljubav

You captured the perfect pictures for those moments. Juan at anchor desk, in a suit and tie: Dan truly loves Cam — that embrace OMG — one can sense rpisode Cam was the only solace he had for this long day.

Dan is hers and after last night, she should know it. She amoe in and starts screeching and you hide the taser next to you and fire.

She appears to be having a disagreement with her servant in the hotel lobby.

Perhaps we should leave them to their task, as we did promise not to show the dress before the bride arrives at the chapel. Vivana y Rafael se dan cuenta que lo de Camila no fue un accidente. It will not surprise any of our viewers that she was delighted with this grand surprise as Don Vicente informed her he had invited himself with the approval of the proud groom. She doesn’t need to. This has to be really difficult for Daniel, who is also attempting to protect Camila from the devil.


The ganaderias could all get together to fight it or to help her rebuild. I honestly didn’t expect the wedding to actually happen. It was interesting how Dio tried to intimidate Cami with his size by boxing her in, and then seeing how she basically intimidated him back and made her way out of it.

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Dios mio, se parece como se vomito una escoba encima!!!! I can’t think of any skills or resources that Dionysio has that would be useful or helpful. Can’t wait to see what happens, if anything, with Teresa.

And epiisode does she respond?

Who was it kept saying in Refugio, ampr just a tn, it’s just a tn. The one problem is that Abe will likely lose his badge over this because of his abuse of authority vis a vis Daniel’s arrest and imprisonment. Right now, let’s catch up with Soledad at the church. If, as Dio hopes, Dan goes back to Chile with Miriam and the cattle all die, I would imagine that Camila would more likely want to get as far away as possible and try to forget.

I think there’s also the idea that they can keep a closer eye on Dio, maybe keep him from doing any more harm or get more dirt on him–a keep your enemies closer kind of situation.


Once brabio the theme of our tn. Viviana and Rafael head to their car and he recalls what a loving couple Daniel and Miriam were. The other reason Auggie doesn’t like Dan is that she thinks he is poisoning Camila against Dio.

She tried to interfere with Pablo’s relationship with Luzma while promoting a possible marriage to Bratgirl.

Almost all the major conflicts have centered on this point. It would take about two minutes of watching Dio and Gussy interact to see that something is very, very wrong in that relationship. Where are those phone records? One thing that may be important in how Abe acts in the future–Abe really grilled Dionisio about the death certificate and who ordered it.

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That gave me the impression that the door was rather thin. The only thing you want to do is to troll like that little fanboy you are.

I was listening from my room and I still almost can’t believe it! Tell that episodee to someone who will believe you. Of course, your TV reporters couldn’t see inside Camila’s head, but one of my favorite scenes was Camila’s memory of her discussion with Don Dan about the traje de charo.