But it was his decision as one of the few Asian stars who dared to play openly gay characters on screen that made his name. Everyone was dressed in either black or white to respect the late diva and each guest were given a rose colored lantern that fans designed. So those who want to hear her song “Teasure the time we meet again”, that was only performed in the 2nd encore in her last show, might have a chance to see in DVD, because due to high tech of today, they can remove those unwanted persons from the stairs, right? I hope everyone will hug your closed ones. It just shows how her music is still well known and inspiring to younger artists. There are never enough words to describe Mui and the perfect concert she held. Hey guys don’t be envious, you will have your day too Now waiting for the dvd release.

Ma Mui due to her age left early. Envy Woodstock n June staying in Hongkong.. Suddenly we felt very sad when we were looking at the picture from Mui Jei on the stairs with the wedding dress Before she performed the songs of a few demised friend’s song, she said that she felt they were around with her all the time, though they had already gone. She got so emotional, wept, and had to repeat “kiss me” several times before she could carry on. Actually I’ve seen it already last night courtesy of FB’s help They also fought and argued like an old couple, which they got over very quickly as well.

Her voice for the last concert was very good, but just as in the other show very emotional and full of feelings I’ve been checking out regularly. Not sure if this is the same as what sakura posted, so if it is, my apologies for the repetition: We work hard to continue to persist what you once believed and looked forward to; just leave the journey that you did not complete for us to finish.


Wai Jai revealed that he was so busy with the rehearsal for this performance that he did not go snita for Christmas. And yes, you are right they used the last mmui for this VCD, except the last 2 songs Only Ah Mui’s power was able to have so many friends to remember her ten years later. When I am organizing the show of course I have to let guests pick songs. We would properly enjoy every minute and every second. Mei Jei is irreplaceable and she is the best in the industry and we do not need her guests to add to the atmosphere.

I would treasure it forever!

The world remembers anita mui

Hope it is not over words. Andy Lau tried to hold back his tears. WIthout Anita’s Solo performances. All images and information in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web. After I became Sister Mui’s disciple, she has already gradually reduced that.

TVB slammed for half-hearted Anita Mui tribute

Everyone is here to express their feeling for Sister Mui. Date unknown, whether with bonus CD unknown.

Although I’m im the office, I anniverasry to watch it right away. Also because of the soft and beautiful music by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the band didn’t paly so loud this time, so Mui’s singing could be clearly heard. Jackie Chan, Lau Tak Wa and others all cried. Sure I will buy both versions! Hok Yau said that they would not organize a concert every year, and Chi Wai said that anniiversary felt the performance recalled everyone to seriously think of Ah Mui again and gave her the respect that she deserved.


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10th | Vincent Loy’s Online Journal

I prefer the one without the guests though. The male artists started tearing up as they sang the song, fans teared up as well. This topic has been archived. Life consists of countless sorrow, joy, separations and unions.

Anita performed every song with heart and feeling, as usual.

Stars Perform at Anita Mui’s 10th Death Anniversary Concert |

Hok Yau said that this concert will use this flight of stairs as a continuation. Yesterday show business organized a memorial concert to remember this late friend with music.

Posted 22 October – Such good songs, flawless singing of Mui, such a good concert with high standard, where can they find in HK anymore? The only part that was worth watching out of the entire show were Anthony Lun and Patrick Tam’s performances She is the best singer.

The 1th had a large band and a long staircase, which resembled Anita’s final concert before her death.