If you guys do a little more digging, this is out there as well, but you go in there, and you stand there for about 30 seconds as they get all their cameras set up in a line properly. There are also mustache waxes, grooming supplies, tee shirts and the Urban Beardsman online magazine for the growing bearded lifestyle community. Great people, awesome idea, inspiring beards and products. They do do a good job of condensing a lot of information in an appropriate amount of time. I think Cuban had a pretty valid reason for not investing. For instance, they asked me about my numbers, and I broke it up into six-month run rates. Humans are one of the few species that grow facial hair, and according to Eric, it was a sign of love and passion that women are attracted to. Which businesses team with a Shark?

So you sent off the e-mail. With Google Analytics getting rid of the whole… Jock: A little bit of what they did was they got hung up on our Beardsman kit, which is like our high-end, premium product. Views Read Edit View history. We started and grew primarily through our online sales but have branched out into working with retailers and growing our wholesale line as well. Eric defended his valuation, and launched into a run down of the sales the company had achieved in the first seventeen months of business. Beardbrand continues to be funded by its revenue, though Bandholz did seek investment on Shark Tank on October 31,

Monday, Beardbranr 25, So I think he was fine to me. Since then, they’ve hired more employees, moved to a bigger facility, and gone on to be one of the biggest success stories of season 5. They also do casting calls at various cities. Were you scared shitless? A lot of Beardbrand’s publicity has come from their YouTube channel, and the channel has introduced many that have become familliar faces related to the company, including: My big thing would be to really listen to what the team is telling you.

So they work with you to help optimize your pitch. They are, in my opinion, pro-entrepreneur. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Was the only access you got to the sharks on the show? What question stumped you the most?


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The last few years have been welcoming to beards, which so far have beardbrandd other man-centric trends like trucker hats and puka shell necklaces.

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So we passed it along to our lawyer, our legal team, to make sure there was nothing that would really bite us in the ass. I just did the maths. A lot of what they show on TV is real. And we only sent one application. Lead up to it? So, before we start, can you give me your intro to every single YouTube video that tani have, which I absolutely love?

With only a tiny amount of start up capital Eric had achieved a lot, but limited funds created a lot of additional problems for the running of his business.

Episode 609

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Beardbrand capitalized on the exposure by promoting itself on YouTube, Reddit, and Tumblr and by finally launching an official online store. A shafk take on a beauty pageant, the annual competition draws upwards of participants and over 1, spectators.

BLOG Great actionable content on building and exiting an online beardbgand, plus more! By using gel inserts that form with your bearxbrand build, his new technology promises advancements in many areas of athletic performance.

Get your free price quote for. It was very early. She ran beaardbrand him talking down here in Austin, Texas, and just loved what he said, loved how he presented everything. You arrive there, and when you have your time to be called, you get up and you make sure that your stuff looks the way that it should look, that your presentation for your stuff is tanm correct, and then they get it all set up, and they get you behind the doors, and your heart beats at like beats per minute, and then they do open up the doors, you walk through it, and you stand on your spot and you start pitching to the sharks.


The line includes beard oils, which soften beard hair so it doesn’t feel coarse and bristly. View the listings we have available for sale today. But I think it was about 45 minutes. Since xhark beginning inBeardbrand’s YouTube channel has been an important part of the marketing of their company. We started and grew primarily through our online sales but have branched out into working with retailers and growing our wholesale line as well.

This is an innovative product that could very well become extremely popular within organizations such as Crossfit and traditional athletic programs alike. They seemed to be in good spirits and jovial so I let them have their banter between themselves as well.

Shark Tank Season 6 — Episode 7 Recap.

For decades now, in most corners of the corporate world, men have felt a systematic pressure to look a certain way. And that certain way has bewrdbrand given a name: Fun idea but not big enough to be a real business.

Did they reach out to you?

The Project Life Mastery Podcast – PLM : BeardBrand Shark Tank Story With Eric Bandholz

It was pretty good. Contact our team to provide a free website appraisal?

I feel like a lot of my YouTube videos almost prepared me for the experience. So the thing is, a lot of your growth is going to depend on your current company size.

The demand was not huge initially until Eric was featured as a beard expert in a New York Times article on the growing popularity of facial hair, he took advantage of the publicity and promoted his own Beardbrand products through his growing Youtube channel, as well as his Tumblr and Reddit activities.

Finally, he was in his element: