Retrieved 26 January And it doesn’t stop there. Constantly surprising and never dull, Gold shows the direction that Blake’s 7 could have pushed in had it secured a fifth season: Impressively, Soolin takes out four Federation troops without breaking a sweat. The Terminal sequences fail to generate anything but mild annoyance as the crew are forced to walk through all manner of unconvincing perils before the place self ignites. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Avon concocts the plan, Vila gets to be surprisingly effective back up, Dayna’s combat skills are put to good use, Soolin gets to defeat herself at a shoot’em up and Tarrant’s piloting skills are what ultimately allows them to win through.

As soon as Ardis has given her the information she requires about Justin, she arranges his execution for daring to even suggest that Servalan is still alive. Stardrive is the first episode that could only have been told with Scorpio, with the crew attempting to obtain a the titular device in order to give them a significant advantage over their Federation pursuers. Warlord brings us up to date with Federation activity before the final showdown between them and the crew of Scorpio. Precisely the sort of place where Blake would be holed up and where Avon and his crew should avoid if they want to live to tell the tale. In its 23 February show, presenter Lesley Judd demonstrated how to create a replica Liberator teleport bracelet from common household objects. She’s a part of the ensemble but she isn’t really given anything distinctive to do.

Dudley Simpson’s music is at it’s best during the hunt on the shuttle. As far as I understand it it was his role in Blake’s 7 that secured him the role of the first Doctor warolrd the 20 th anniversary special although there is little of Hartnell to be found in his performance here.

In a minute comedy short entitled “Blake’s Junction 7” debuted at several film festivals around the world. The second series saw Blake determined to strike at the heart of the Federation by destroying its central computer — the series had a Blaakes Arcbut often the quest for information about Star One was little more than a MacGuffin.

Blake’s 7 was not expected to be recommissioned after the third series and there was surprise when during a further series was announced as the third series ended. Dayna looks appalled because Servalan killed her father. More of warlorx please. Topping off blkes nourishing ensemble piece is Orac who gets some lovely snippy scenes with Avon and gets to work in cahoots with a female computer that has been left to self destruct.


It’s still absolutely cracking stuff. Retrieved 22 April Avon steps over Blake’s body, raises his gun and smiles.

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I really enjoyed it: While Blake intends to use Liberator to strike against the Federation, the others are often reluctant soldiers—especially Avon. In exchange for their support, Avon will provide the formula for an antidote acst the Federation’s pacification drug Pylene On board the prison ship LondonBlake meets convicted murderer Olag Gan and computer engineer and embezzler Kerr Avon.

He’s intrigued at what Egrorian has to offer but isn’t about to exceed to his every demand and makes a few of his own.

Slave is damaged, Tarrant remains aboard to pilot Scorpio and is injured during a crash landing. They even did concept artbut it appeared to lapse quietly back into Development Hell. Loyalty and trust are important themes of the series.

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The theme of loyalty and trust reaches its maximum during Blake and Avon’s final encounter in the last episode Blake ; Blake, by now very paranoid, has been masquerading as a bounty hunter collaborating with the Federation as a front for his activities in recruiting and testing potential allies in the struggle, and this causes Avon and the others to mistrust him when Tarrant accuses Blake of betraying them; an ironic miscommunication between Avon and Blake precipitates the disastrous events that conclude the episode.

We are going to destroy it.

When it seems that Orac is trying to murder Tarrant and Vila, Avon does the rarest of things, he loses his cool and shows a defiant flash of anger.

Will there be a happy ending?

Archived from the original on 23 July The Warlor is recaptured by the people that built it and Orac’s prophecy is fulfilled when it destroys an identical space vehicle. If the events of Warlord had gone down differently the series finale might have been far more optimistic with the Federation dragged to its knees. Blake and Avon’s clashes over the command represent a conflict between idealism and cynicism, emotion and rationality, and dreams and practicality.

It is Simon and Byrne that give the material some meaning but that relationship is nowhere near as powerful as it should be despite the dodgy suggestion that they had a previous relationship when Dayna could only have been in a her mid teens.

As soon as they have entered orbit explosive charges rip through the base and tear it to pieces.


It is still one of the most talked about series finales because of that final scene. Avon and his gang are leaving for good and never coming back. The Scorpio crew gain the formula for an antidote to Pylene but this cannot reverse the drug’s effects.

There is a lovely, lovely scene between Soolin and Orac where they discuss the philosophy of machine life dominating organic life that exposes something gentler and more appealing about her character. Where she usually finds Vila earlord, she is quite bullish and forceful with him throughout this episode.

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David Maloney series Vere Lorrimer series 4. This should have been the episode that introduced us properly to Soolin but in truth she barely appears, vanishing for the length of a bible and then forcing herself on the regulars at the climax. One of those shows that’s perpetually on the cusp of a big-budget revival. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

Stardrive is the first episode that could only have been told with Scorpio, with the crew attempting to obtain a the titular device in order to give them a significant advantage over their Federation pursuers.

The guest cast are trying their hardest to give this material meaning but the characters are empty and it is struggle to watch them try. The forests of Gouda Prime make an impressive backdrop for the finale, a sun kissed wood where Blake is ambling away his days catching vermin and roasting it for food. The series is set in a future age of interstellar travel and concerns the exploits of a group of renegades and convicted criminals.

Opening on the same gorgeous modelwork that Mary Ridge produced in Rescue featuring Scorpio ascending from the base on Xenon and taking to the skies Avon starts putting the clues together to come to the conclusion that Servalan is nearby, Egrorian’s lie about Pinder not understanding the idea of gender not tallying up with his knowledge of chess.

When Blake is separated from his crew, Avon becomes commander. Of course not, this Blake’s 7 we are talking about, the most cynical show to have ever hit our screens.

Fans note much subtextual Ho Yay in many of the male relationships.