Not long before, a TV crew had stitched up the town, getting kids to throw stones at derelict buildings and making it seem as if it was a regular occurrence, as if Grimethorpe had become a wild west town. But Ewan McGregor and I became like muckers. Apparently it’s a true story, the film is completely accurate, and the band still plays today and indeed provide the soundtrack. Stirring film about losing your job and reclaiming your soul. Adam Fogerty as Miner. Time Out Top Critic.

Strike, not the end of the story. Peter Martin as Ernie. European auds may respond better to its mixture of character comedy and political sermonizing, but some discreet trimming may be necessary for it to find a niche in North America. Aug 23, Full Review…. Once, mining was a thriving industry in rural England, with whole towns built around each mine. Brassed Off combines inspiring drama with populist socioeconomics to create a film whose familiar outlines are filled in with genuine and surprisingly palpable emotion. Adam Fogerty as Miner.

Distinctive, prolific actor, acclaimed by Spielberg as ‘the best in the world ‘ “. May 23, Rating: Rather than referring solely to strikebreakers brzssed, the word “scab” can also refer to a traitor and particularly a traitor to the working classwhich is used in the film for cases such as having a relationship with a management employee or going against the recommended line from the trade union.

I Am the Night. All in the name of ‘progress’. Touching story is a good early summzry for McGregor Dec 18, Rating: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

And not just our industry—our communities, our homes, our lives. Quaint little story about miners from a Northern England town losing their quarry but finding unity in their brass band.

Peter Wallis as Elderly Man. Of Davies as Grimley Colliery Band. Strike, not the end of the story. Dan Schultz Super Reviewer. Jan 1, Rating: Gaga took her place at a grand piano and Cooper perched on a stool. I was playing the only female brasssd in the band and practised endlessly in the two months before shooting.


In contrast to the militancy of —85, the miners put up little resistance. With the intention that it will be their last performance, the band, in full uniform, and wearing their miners’ helmets and lamps, plays ” Danny Boy ” late at night outside the hospital. Not compared to how sumnary matter”. Despite this, or perhaps partially because of it, Brassed Off!

It contrasts with the muted response from the mineworkers, some of whom sang Shut the pit! Stephen Tompkinson, actor Pete Postlethwaitewho was playing my father, took me down to Grimethorpe a week before filming to talk to locals and brassev them know this was their story.

But Ewan McGregor and I became like muckers. Produced by Steve Abbott.

Meanwhile, Phil’s father, Danny Pete Postlethwaitewants the mine to stay open for a different reason. As ambassadors for their community, they take a triumphant journey that will tell their story to the nation. Melanie Hill as Sandra. This page was last of on 1 Februaryat Sally Ann Matthews as Waitress. Beginning in earlygroups of miners’ wives camped outside some pits’ gates and outside the Department of Trade and Industry in London.

The British miners were bitterly divided in the aftermath of the ’84—’85 strike.

For Danny there is also a grave price to pay for a life’s service to the mines. But the miners are now deciding whether to fight to keep the pit open, and the future for town and band looks bleak.

Colin Brook as Grimley Colliery Band. Brassed Off drives toward an ending that combines bitterness and high spirits, plus a heavy measure of romanticism. However, admiration is soon dulled and her relationship with Andy threatened, by the stunning revelation that she is an employee of the British Coal Board. After a lively first half, with plenty of rich characterization, gruff northern humor and good backgrounding of all the many roles, the tone darkens as the threat of pit closure starts sum,ary cause social and economic strains within the community.


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They may not do much, but they’re there, and their characters fall in love. On par with the Full Monty. More Top Movies Trailers. They believe they have no hope until Gloria appears carrying her Flugelhorn.

When Jim realises that Gloria is working for management, he is unimpressed with Andy’s relationship with her. Here are the 10 Best Movies of In existence for a hundred years, Grimley Colliery Brass band is as old as the mine.

Brassed Off – Movie Synopsis & Plot

Previous video Next video. Why the nattily dressed Gloria suddenly has returned to her hometown is a mystery, not least to her former b. But I was brassedd fastidious about getting my fingers right. Mary Healey as Ida. Before the privatisation of British Coal, a wave of pit closures took place.

It is later implied that, of the five miners who make up the main characters, four of them bdassed voted for redundancy and only Andy had voted for the review procedure.

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Simon Willis as Grimley Colliery Band. But, during the early s, the Tory government began converting the country to nuclear power. As Danny collapses in the street and is hospitalised, Phil suffers a mental breakdown while entertaining a group of children, as part of a harvest festival in a church.

The film might have been stronger had it displayed a little more anger throughout instead of opting for a big speech at the end to get the point across, but at least it imparts a measure of the pain that unemployment can cause. Jacqueline Naylor as 1st Mother. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.