But they broke up because he saw too much of the good and the bad in her. I actually never thought about it this way. As Psycho-jo trudges away, his father says that Se-kyung told him that Psycho-jo wanted to be closer to him. Is he the male me? I have to act like her. I thiiinnnk the message this show was trying to send was that true love means seeing your other half as they really are, and being willing to overlook their faults, thus the eyes half shut stuff. There is good and bad in everyone.

However, I still enjoy the journey. But I loved loved the drama Okay, sick parents and money are actually viable reasons for people to break up. He thinks he proved to his dad he could succeed on his own, his dad asked back whether his revenge was successful then? This drama buttressed two years, with the first half airing in while the second half aired in Skip to primary content. She asks him to reissue it and he wants to know why he should. The diamond people send her back with a warranty and in a limo to ensure the product.

Otherwise the two wouldn’t find a reason to be together That hardball way of jacking up prices and keeping the quality of his products ridiculously high? Deep inside, he is a total wreck.

Chepngdamdong Austen said something about a single man of fortune universally acknowledged needing a woman to marry, yet she forgot to mention that a woman of pure love would also want to marry a man, not just recapp of love but his money.


He loves being crazy!

It is winning the lottery. I keep staring at her. Most women max out cards buying the newest phones; this is why her discriminating eye is poor.

Annie January 30, at 7: Well I don’t agree with the comments zlice how we were expecting a rom com and got something else, hence the bashing.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 15 Recap

And in the end he’s cheongdamdonng dreamer or Red King who’ll cause Alice to disappear if he wakes up. When Heo Dong-wook knows about this situation, he tells Cha Seung-jo to tell his true identity to Han Se-kyung honestly.

This show keeps getting better. As much as I love leads the ending fell flat for me! Thank you so much for finishing the recaps of CA Ms Koala! He likes the woman in front of him. Now he wants to understand her, but the deception makes it difficult.

I think it’s because of her eyes.

And I never thought that many felt disappointed with the drama as well. I expected a romantic comedy, got served with a melodrama, only to have it taste like a romantic comedy, and then only to realize that the writer was trying to give me a realistic portrayal of how life can be.


With a smile, Yoon-joo leaves GN for good. Way to go girl! She just says over and over again that Seung Jo is gone. I read about it in Park Shi ho fanpage web. I also got really surprised when you wrote: Her parents welcome her dearly. The next 2 episodes is going to be exciting to watch. With a rich-girl-poor-guy love affair premise, this was not a case of true love, but a love that was proven to be true.


I guess I had that as well in the beginning. Seo Yoon-joo replies that it is love. I was initially frustrated with Se-kyung because I felt like she had never become that gold-digger she thought she was. But what I enjoyed the most was the fact that it never shied away from making us question what our own values were, and from a harsher reality that is rarely seen in most romantic comedies. A customer has come to Artemis and complains that one of the bags she bought has detached spots on it.

PSH is always with out a flaw. Who didn’t really love her back after all even though he said so.

I also love the discourse it generated. They made your story better than it was. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 14 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

He wakes from his dream. I wish Tommy Hong would have a chance with Se Kyung 3. While she may have started off angry and determined to get into Cheongdam-dong, she lost it all, and became more anxious. Se-kyung reminds him that episofe told her to grab the opportunity because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. They brought in Tommy and made him seem like an interesting character but