Displays the status of each fabric plane. Removing a card interrupts all traffic passing through the card, but it does not remove the card configuration. The owner SDR cannot be added or removed from the configuration. Tip We recommend that you do not use the management interface to expt NetFlow packets. This command can be used as a debugging tool to verify the validity of the files that constitute the packages, to determine whether there are any corrupted files. When will pricing be available?

Backup file can be local to the system or a remote file on a TFTP server. The maximum value is 6. Owner 1 Allocated Node s: Example The following example shows how to add the contents of a PIE file on disk1: The currently active software is not committed. This operation can take up to 2 minutes per package being verified. RPs must be installed and configured in redundant pairs.

Note Step 6 verify packages install [ sdr sdr-name ] Example: To increase the throughput from 5 Gbps to 10 Gbps, a 5 G to 10 G license must be available. Ciisco expt UDP datagrams are sent to an external flow collect device that provides NetFlow expt data filtering and aggregation. Organizations require More information.

You mulhicast view interface configurations by entering the show running-config command. Displays the contents of the backup file. Color-Aware Policer enables a color-aware method of traffic policing. A minimum of 20 of the 10G foundational licenses is required or the equivalent of two of the possible eight G ports on each linecard.


Spaces and quotation marks are not allowed. The solution allows you to easily track the status of your license and software usage trends. The currently active software is not committed. The flow has been inactive active f too mulricast.

Example The following example shows how to add nodes to an SDR: To remove the configuration for a slot after a card is removed, use the no interface preconfigure command to remove all interface configuration statements for that card in the running configuration.

Cisco ASR Series- Intro – IT Tips for Systems and Network Administrators

The PIE software file can include any of the following: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Page – Multicast Routing Protocol support for P In addition, search for and remove any configuration references to the removed interfaces. Once a license is installed, it is available to any slot where the corresponding feature runs.

Load the running configure file in step 2 5. Note Step 5 show install inactive summary [ sdr sdr-name] Example: If additional installation requests are attempted before the first operation is complete, they are not run.

Cisco Aggregation Services Router 9000 Series Essentials (ASR9KE)

Typically, SMUs do not have a large impact on router operations. If a switch fabric card is removed with the power on, the card is not harmed, zggregation some traffic may be lost.


Melanie Gilbert 3 years ago Views: Owner sdr1 Active Packages: Software entitlement is a system that consists of a license manager on a Cisco IOS XR device that manages licenses for various software and hardware features. Note The owner SDR cannot be removed.

If you apply an additional MPLS flow monit to the interface, the new flow monit overwrites the existing one. This operation will activate the following packages: Install operation 10 completed successfully at Note Use the no power-mgr additive command to return to the default redundancy mode. Page – P2MP configurations at egress node and b Specify the statistics option coniguration clear expter statistics.

Cisco ASR 9000 Series- Intro

Optional Starts the system status check. Howeverthe FPD image is not automatically upgraded. Automatic switchover from the active RSP to the standby RSP occurs only if the active RSP encounters a serious system error, such as the loss of a mandatory process or a hardware failure.