I have included some pictures below of the drama to share with fellow fans: Yeah, what’s the point of carrying out revenge now? I liked how he believed in what he was fighting for. Wow, love what you wrote. Park Min-yeong is in danger of falling to death and will Lee Min-ho save her? I have started watching this online at http: Like So Ran in Fugitive.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The drama maintained its lead in viewership ratings until the end with This kind of series make me feel good as I can see my-fatansy-self in somewhere doing what I dream to do. Peace out, hope it gets resolved soon. If you watch the same video on the actual satsukai. Lee Yoon-seong attacked the MP’s three sons first. And then trembling, he asks if the father who raised him knew all this.

He calls Nana back into his office and asks about the woman who gave her the handkerchief. Is that an I-love-Young-ju smile? So much so that those who disliked him may be a little ashamed because of the pitiful way he died crusading for justice even in the end. He survived after being shot and he lived happily with his mom, bald ajhussi and kim Nana.

EJ July 27, at 8: The prosecutor dude did not bother me in the least. Sirens wail as the SWAT team descends on them quickly. Lips together, the way they share a kiss as if electrocuted by the light bulb is actually like a photo collection.

Hello mavi If you think there is a ” False Positive Website” you can always report it to Eset using the guide in this link: May I ask why? He befriended fellow Korean Bae Shik Joong whom he rescued from a group of gangster and Shik Joong ended up working as a cook for his father.


That has got to be the most awesome sendoff for a character ever How did they keep this quiet? Yoon-Sung won’t be taking revenge on the president after all, right?

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I saw similar detections in the Huntee signature anyway a frame with a minimal size is always suspicious. Chun Jae-man is still hiding out, and sends his new minions to retrieve a package that he sent to Young-ju.

He just loves you! I don’t think his death is lame, he died for what he believed in. Draacrazy I heard Sae-hee offering him a second chance it got me “He’s gonna die!!!!

Dream July 27, at 9: You can also try your luck at entering the online contest at http: Oh, I have a bad feeling about this. Rather than fighting for a lost love or his mother, he’s now fighting for what Young-ju stood for: That’s about the episoed thing left for YS to do.

A smiling YJ looking back at SH sweetly The drama is based on a popular Japanese comic of the same name by Tsukasa Hojo and stands as the prequel to it.

YJ is a hero. He offers a trade: Young-ju asks about and the top-secret record book, and Yoon-sung just tells him to figure it out for himself.

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You think my revenge is for blood alone? This is the most memorable character he has ever played so far. I’m glad they made up before. Now YS has to carry on YJ legacy and fight for justice. Deamacrazy had been exempted from military service through military conscription corruption but made it look like they were cty to enter the service. While doing this, Lee Yoon-seong put on a black mask to hide his identity.


Episode 6 by Helcat. Afterwards, Na Na is seen at the airport with her luggage when she glances upon the sight of Yoon Seong. Actress Park Min Young is also gaining alot of attentions acting in this drama and she looks really lovely in her role as Kim Na Na and Yoon Seong’s love interest.

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YS finally lost it! Of course, I respect the arbitrary interpretation of the viewers.

He started showing interest in Na Na when he met her coincidentally when he returned to Korea with his father to carry out their plans for revenge despite his father teaching him not to love anyone. Never thought there will a time when cty will ask the Show to continue with their trend of putting the characters in a coma instead of killing them.

I think all the comas have lured us into a false sense of security. I am a blubbering mess! He sits at home and does the same, his still in the broken frame. He talks to her picture about his emotions whenever he is frustrated at his father who wants to grow him as a harsh warrior. I just can’t believe it.