She meets a very bad-tempered old lady, who’s been alone for so long she doesn’t remember her name. Elliot, saddened by what the coat makes him say to his friends, and terrified he’ll end up saying something nasty to Janice, tries desperately to remove the jacket, but it’s too strong. Elliot, who has been searching for Janice, sees her inside the globe. Malcolm has to expel her from Creepschool. Gertrude shuts the children up using a potion that makes them mute, but when they try to submit their student board proposal in writing, she is forced to lock them in room. Elliot’s team is losing miserably, and Augustus is constantly getting them into trouble, particularly with Master, who dislikes the boy intensely right from the start. Take the Creepschool crest that supposedly gives Creepschool all the power and glory it possesses. Josh wakes up terrified.

Deciding that this would make an ideal topic for his essay, Elliot becomes engrossed in the material. She and Janice become enemies. She meets a very bad-tempered old lady, who’s been alone for so long she doesn’t remember her name. Elsa soon misses her old friends and even their fighting. Forced to clean it all up after class, Josh is amazed to see the goop form itself into a perfect, living copy of himself. It turns out that her echo has a mind of its own and confronts Victoria with her deepest insecurity, namely that no one, least of all her parents, really cares about her.

Please help improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text. Elliot’s team is losing miserably, and Augustus is constantly getting them into trouble, particularly with Master, who dislikes the boy intensely right from the start.

But Josh’s playing with time is taking a toll on his age. Meanwhile, her friends, in their search for the necklace, discover the Lost and Found Emporium, a storage room for all things ever lost by anyone throughout time. Josh wakes up terrified.

Playpilot – Episode 19

The object of the game is to escape the ants- each level has a special weapon and golden key that have to be found in order to make it to the next level. When Victoria looks in the episdoe, she looks like she always has. When he finally finds himself face-to-face with Janice, with a perfect chance to fire off a put-down creepwchool she has just ruined her hair preparing for the talent contest, Elliot ends up in a final life-and-death struggle with the jacket.

This comes in handy, however, as they need the powers that come with their new identities in order to overcome the obstacles they come across along the way.


Master suggests he go to the Chamber of Goals and try out a few dreams to see if anything takes his fancy. Audible Download Audio Books. At first they’re not allowed to look for the necklace because whatever lesson Victoria gained by losing the necklace would itself be lost if she were to find the necklace. He just craves more and more. Elliot is chatting in the graveyard with his pal Master, who is telling him stories from his childhood.

Capturing the squirrel, the kids set off in search for the secret lab that is rumored to be out in the forest somewhere. He misses his own universe and finds the new world strange and hostile. She massages Victoria’s ego and when Victoria does anything wrong, such as eating Josh’s cookies or ruining Elsa’s painting, the mirror assuages whatever guilt Victoria may cfeepschool.

It works, Soon everyone is fighting again and Elsa couldn’t be happier. They find a dusty old piece with a character for each student. When it has been raining for almost two weeks everyone episodr a bit stingy and there are fights breaking out everywhere. Josh is having a problem with time. She takes it upon herself to stop this nonsense and prove everyone wrong.

Finally they succeed and Janice is whole again, but this time she keeps a rabbit foot for eisode. Malcolm is very stressed and nervous these days, it is time for the decennial inspection of Creepschool.

Of course the parents start to worry. In their search for costumes, the kids come across an armoire full of great costumes they can use for the party. Josh agrees and Janice consoles Elliot, assuring him that they like him just the way he is. Janice is happy at first but after a while she becomes quite annoyed by the boy. Dorothy wants the students to put on a theater performance. By the time he remembers, it is already on a rampage, incinerating anything and everything that takes Gilbert away from him.

Josh is bitten by a bedbug whose sting makes you dream of the future. The children leave depressed at Samsa’s ignominious end. Mars, who is starting a school for lost children. Elsa soon misses her old friends and even their fighting. The two friends are happily reunited, and Victoria gets her necklace back.

When Victoria finally gets her land and crown episide remembers what good friends she and Janice’s were and how futile creeoschool victory is compared to that. Things get heated in Creepschool when Eliott find out that Jonte stole his kush and smoked it all in one sitting. As soon as Victoria removes the crest from its place, the school starts to crumble and fall to pieces. Just then Malcolm conveniently finds an ad for a temping agency, which he contacts and soon afterwards Ernest shows up offering his services.


Meanwhile, Josh has accidentally told Elvira about Elliot’s crush on Janice and mistakenly thinks that Elliot knows about it and is mad at him. The only problem is that the play doesn’t have an ending, and one of the characters played by Victoria has to write the ending of the play.

The Goal Keeper agrees but wants Elliot’s deepest, most cherished desire in return- his true love for Janice. While searching for an interesting topic for an essay assignment, Elliot comes across the unfinished work of the mysterious Professor Samsa, who disappeared a long time ago just as he was supposedly on the verge of a breakthrough in his study of polymorphism.

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Tony the only one left as himself suggest she does everything backwards in order to reverse the effect. Whenever he presses the button everything around him is frozen in time. Elsa decides to consult her episodw.

Victoria has lost a necklace she epsode as a present from her parents a few days earlier, and goads everyone into helping her find it. Elsa runs after her and makes her look in a small mirror. Eventually it is revealed that the crabby old ceepschool is actually Janice as she would become if she spends her life on her own.

It turns out the assistant is a Vorga, a creature that lives on peoples souls and is a master of disguise. They become good friends and Janice is happy to have a new friend.

Gertrude is forcing the children to do all sorts of gruesome exercises in the rain. Just after the party starts, a terrible storm breaks out and the lights go out. Elliot feels uncomfortable in his skin; why can’t he be more outgoing and crsepschool, or tell jokes that make people laugh, like Josh does? Dorothy has to get Victoria to write a new ending where the children are released from the spell.