Even Shiv wants to get Parvati. Nandi goes after Parvati devi and tries to ask her what has gone wrong.. Tarakasur is crowned as King of 3 Lokas. Tarakasur tells Shukracharya his advice of thinking over the war will be considered as their cowrdness. Changu, Mangu n Tingu are shown doing Tapasya on a hill, chanting the name of Shiva.. Shukracharya is as always vexed-up!

He himself is capable of winning against Tarakasur. Takki gives out an evil laugh and thannk Shukracharya for reminding him of his ignorant sons. Then Parvati dev with tears in her eyes and falls in her lord’s feet for forgiveness. They will attack first. It shows that Shiv n Parvati complete n compliment each other. Brihaspati requests Shivji to give the solution of this situation. His guru asks him to go to Kapil muni, whose curse has destroyed his kingdom.

Still Parvati feels extremely guilty of her act and asks him for a proper punishment as she has broken her vows as a wife n disrespected him. One Dev tells him this will be a kind of sucide. As stops to see what it was, to her terror it was Mahadev lying on her way so as to stop sepptember from further destruction.

Brihaspati comes there, advises them, fighting at this time with Asuras will not give good result, they should go to Vishnuji. He himself is capable of winning against Tarakasur.

Attempts to bring Shiva to earth

His sons had absued the Nature, due to that his people have suffered from draught. Brihaspati requests Shivji to give the solution of septemebr situation.


Ganga at Brhmalok, ask Brhmaji what is the aim of my life? Mahadev replies to Indr dev that for maintaining peace n righteousness the war was inevitable. She was in great remorse and hurt to know that she has stepped onto her husbands chest.

Shiva explains to Nandi that in the path of duty. Now I feel, how many times n in how many n- no of ways that these two sacrificed for us Shiva says that she hasn’t done a crime and that she has put the foundation for a dutiful mother. Mahadev 10th September Written Update. Nandi request Shiva to try to make her back to normal. She calls Agnidev, asking him to help her in her Panchagni Tapasya. NAndi gets the arti thal and tries to do her arti but she was lost somewhere in some thought and moves on before he does anything.

Shiv is Parvati n vice verse. But Menavati was still very worried. Even Shiv wants to get Parvati.

Bhagirath wants to rectify their mistake. Shiva says that he is very proud to be her husband. Indra is about to run away but is stopped by one Devata asking him to protect him. Tarakasur is crowned as King of 3 Lokas. Wpisode her heart bruised because of her act of keeping her foot on the chest of her husband.


Shukracharya is as always vexed-up! Tarakasur attacks Swarga, Indra gets frightened seeing his huge army, says he better run away from Swarga.

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Himvan asks her what was wrong? Tarakasur should 20122 given this message. Now Devatas will have to learn the path of Karma. Kabab main haddi yeh, the devtas appear at the site and they pay their tribute to Shiv-Shakti’s power especially Shakti. Shukracharya is pained at the thought of many innocent insects, animals, humans will die due this war. But Parvati says that it was her fault Devi Parvati feels lonely and is missing her mother, the soothing words of her mother. Himvan explains it to her that nothing of that sort could have happened under the shadow of Mahadev.

Kailash has been waiting for this moment since ages.

Latest VideoWritten Indian Drama’s. As Ma Kali in her rage walks to slay in order to quench her thirst, she steps on something. Mahaadev the ganas ask Nandi what has happenedwhy did Mata behaved that way.