Neel says ask Suman to come here. His Chacha comes and tells everything wrong to Gawtham. He says maybe it will benefit me. Like 0 Dislike 0. Neel says they have something to say. Akash tells Mangla that Jai has some work and will come late. A password will be e-mailed to you. She says save your brother, he is in loan, he needs Rs.

Ramesh says your business is very good. Gawtham is ready to take the baaraat. Vandana welcomes the baaraat. He wants me to come with him to Delhi. The baaraat comes and everyone go to see it. Prabhunath feels sorry for everything.

He does the puja. Like 0 Ful, 0. She says I need help. Akash removes the dupatta and asks Poonam to sit in the car. Dolly asks whats the price of this house. They tell him that they will be with them throughout the marriage, and after the marriage, they will take the house under them.

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He says he has high contacts with the ministers and he was talking about crores deal. He says this house is yours, why will you buy gyar house, you can stay here till you want. Akash eposode on phone. Akash is about to ask Prabhunath about the bank officials, Vandana comes and tells Akash that he has done good work. Vandana and Prabhunath are happy to see her. Akash looks at her. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.


On Jun 20, Dolly and Sarita tell Ramesh about Kanno being the weak one in the house. She holds his hand and he says Poonam ji…. Akash says lets go and see the arrangements.

She steals some money and leaves form the room. Sign in Recover your password.

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She says I m sad as you are sad. Gawtham does not understand. Akash sees the bank officials too. He says I have a request, now Episoed want you to be a guest and enjoy the marriage.

Sign in Recover your password. They laugh cunningly and Ramesh makes a evil plan.

Shashikant says its around……. Everyone dance in the baaraat. Dolly asks what will we do now. Prabhunath also welcomes them. Ramesh says take care of Kanno and I will see Akash. Everyone have a talk cull the hall. He says I will manage. She says save your banaunha, he is in loan, he needs Rs.

Sarita and Dolly ask Kanno what is the matter. She says ask Jai about it, maybe he can give money.


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Tara tells him that your mum has selected me as your bahu, but I wanted to know whether you like me, he says yes, without hearing what she said. Gawtham is ready to leave for the marriage hall.

He says maybe it will benefit me. Dolly says I m very happy meeting you all. Akash smiles seeing Poonam. He gives him Rs 10 lakh advance.