Be happy that I’m doing this for you! Tsuna turns to him. Neither Miyabi and I did any work so far, so we’re going deep in the forest to get some firewood. Two half naked women touching each other in the water. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Tsuna clutches her stomach. Mizuki screamed as Tsuna ripped off her top revealing the white flour printed bikini top she had underneath. The two girls who were on top of each other stopped what they were doing.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Let’s get back to camp with the sweets. This camping trip will be very-! Episode 8 That’s just like you. I can’t just bring a computer out here! Tsuna glared at him.

Mizuki picks out a beer from the cooler and presents it to Kyoga. She’s getting me water to drink and you’re supposed to be cooking!

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Tsuna placed her phone down and peeked out from behind the tree seeing Miyabi ordering around his friends to do all the work enhanted he simply sat in a chair. Shinra growled as Miyabi sneered at him. She shows Yukinojo the jar. Just In All Stories: I think that bear wants my honey! Why do I have to come?! Tsuna drooled at the sight of the seafood. Yukibito’s can’t eat hot foods What makes you think I’ll listen to you?


[Walkthrough] Enchanted in the Moonlight ~ Kyoga; Season 2: Seeds of Doubt

Let’s get back to camp with the sweets. The whole forest went silent as all eyes were now on Tsuna. I don’t get much screen time with you two together. She shook her head rapidly.

With that, all the ayakashi and Mizuki rush episore to the BBQ and rapidly collect food. Tsuna then lands safely in a pile of dark green leaves unharmed. Episode moonlibht Call out to Kyoga I’m going to scold you a lot later! Episode 6 How are we going to heal you?

Join your favorite ayakashi guys in a series of misadventures of love, passion, and happy hour comedy in your favorite sub stories! Tsuna laughed as Mizuki glared at her. Tsuna was the last to make it. Episode 8 That’s just like you.

Tsuna scratched her butt a little when neither Kyoga or Yukinojo were looking. Episode 3 Hold him. Seeds of Doubt in Love’s Garden. Kyoga turns around seeing a large brown bear charging for them. Bring it down here! Chikage can be really nice when he wants to be! I’ll definitely remember this! That meat hasn’t been cooked yet! We should do what moohlight can alone.


Kyoga widens his eyes. Come and get it! She then splashed Tsuna’s face causing her to laugh.

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Episode 3 You’ll listen to me? That’s a great idea!

Come and help already! You can’t talk to her that way! The two of them then begin to splash each other. Tsuna turns to the others. The three friends then walk away with Yukinojo leading the way. I want to get home quickly as possible! Bring that tent over here now! Let’s capture it That’s enough! Although, the gang seemingly had a hard time creating fire on their own.

Return his grip Happy Ending. Where’s my inari sushi?!

Your review has been posted. They each turned seeing all the guys on land near them, staring. You’re not even helping out either! Kyofa and Koten came over and they all soon chatted together.

She positions herself carefully on a large branch as she sits upright. Special Thanks to Mary for posting this Walkthrough!