If for example we take 17 as average number per battalion, this means in 10 battalions each battalion on average of people , there will be about children in total between the age of 11 and 14 out of trainees, and so on. People therefore use the urine containers in such instances. Shopping is allowed once in a week or two weeks time through one person, representing people from a village four kilometer away from the camp. Currently, they have been turned into warehouses for people. A young man who was named Siem, from Asmara, and with whom I had been acquainted in Adi Abeito prison on our way back to the camp, was tired and sick and he could not carry his load. Our properties — money, shoes, belts, etc — too were transferred to Mendefera police station. It was so tragic to see them in such a condition to the extent that the camp made a favor to them by allowing them the next day to wash their clothes and bodies. In cold places in the highlands , people suffer a lot because of cold.

While providing training, or for that matter at any other time, as live experimental targets upon which to practice their talent, they jump and beat the prisoners on their head or any other part of their body using karate, boxing, foot-kick or any combination of those. As the daytime purpose compound includes living tents for staff, it occupies a large area; hence it has proven difficult to guard it effectively during the night. Those in national service get 30 days leave per year if they are lucky; but if they are unfortunate if they are in Denkelia, for instance , they are given 45 leave days in two to three years time period. Many of the prisoners had to ensure their own supply. A prison is a fenced place where prisoners are confined with no right to go out or leave the place at their own discretion for certain amount of time and are under continuous heavy guard by armed guards, and can meet relatives, friends and others only when the prison authorities allow them to do so. The fattening program was introduced from past experiences when the supplies were by far shorter, resulting in many of the prisoners being anemic. The prison officers at Adi Abeito checked our pockets and bags and allowed us to keep the money and ID cards and other documents but made our shoes and belts lay on the ground of the compound in a hip in a disorderly manner, with no shelter from sunlight, rain and wind. This task is done by the soldiers of 38 division which are stationed there solely for that purpose.

He went to the police for help, who promptly came omvie a pickup vehicle and took the villagers away. But after the disease claimed so many lives, the approach somehow improved a little bit. Some women have been jailed with their children because they could not get people who can take responsibility for, and look after, their children. John was captured with his 8 years old brother attempting to cross to Sudan when the guide his mother had arranged was captured.

Every time it is to this same place the prisoners are taken for relieving of their wastes and the time allowed is few minutes; any delay results in beating. In police stations, the police in guard provide us with bread and tea in the mornings and lentil soup during lunch and dinner time. As a result of this, hadamit starved and got weak and thin to the extent their health rapidly deteriorated. Eritgean is still time limit but it is relatively longer. The prison officers at Adi Abeito checked our pockets and bags and allowed us to keep the money and ID cards and other documents but made our shoes and belts lay on the ground of the compound in a hip in a disorderly manner, with no ahdanit from sunlight, rain and wind.


There were also those who were hwdanit for more than one year because they are followers of other branches of the Christian faith apart from Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Islam 4 recognized religions by the governmentand they were kept in isolation from the others in one separate room. At the beginning, his whole body was almost paralyzed, but at the time I met him after 7 weeks he was slowly recovering. It is run by health assistants on their national service duties.

And those serving the national service are erittrean as slaves with no rights whatsoever, made to work by beating and other forms of punishment, even to the extent of killing them, if they display the slightest sign of opposing the injustice and atrocities committed against them or others.

In Arag camp, the military personnel strictly adhere to these rules and violating these rules results in serious punishments. The underground prison is reserved for cases considered serious. From Mendefera, about 70 persons were transferred to Adi Abeito prison, with hands on cuffs and bare footed, on a dumper truck having sharp floor which caused bruises on our feet on contact.

From the moment we were arrested, our shoes, belts, ID cards, other documents, money and other valuable property were taken away from us. He was in prison for almost three weeks, and I left him there.

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Whole masses have been turned into idle unproductive people with no one left behind to look after those in need of food, medical care and other basic necessities. In the police station where I was detained, the food that was provided by the police was hardly touched. What is more frustrating for the children is that because of their age even a rifle is too heavy for them to carrythey are not being assigned to the military units but are made servants of the military officers eriteean have remained in the camp behind us.

Moovie, the prison authorities are not satisfied by the presence of all these guards and have placed an additional layer of guards to surround the nighttime compound. On my tenth day in Adi Abeito prisonon May 4,together with others who stayed longer than me in the prison, I was taken to Wi’A. The only excuse they need for recruiting them is that they have to be school dropouts, allegedly related to disciplinary problems or accused of planning to leave the country illegally.


From the first moment a person is being arrested, he is put on handcuffs — each police station has been provided with hundreds of handcuffs for this reason.

Some were shuffled between Mai Serwa and Adi Abeito prisons because the prison officers were unable to decide in which prison they should be kept; there was confusion as to what their cases fall into. Because of their mental problem, they eritren unable to keep the necessary documents that certify their exemption with them all the time.

As a result, those who came from distant places or who have no relatives in Asmara are the ones who suffered the most. Whatever information or confession they want to get is done by intimidation, beating or other forms of torture. I am not sure of the situation in other areas but it does not vary eritrrean. Sinceit has been 13 years.

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As in the daytime compound, in every gate of the nighttime compound there are guard posts and armed men positioned throughout the night. As a result, many have died because of the combined effect of lack of medical treatment and the harsh treatment they get.

The prisoners go to the same place frequently; however, since it is also allowed while performing some activities far in the wilderness, it is relatively better. Some as old as the age of sixty have been informally rounded up. There were ten armed men guarding us and there was no space to sit. Even during military training, if there are few slow learners, there were times when the whole company or battalion is eitrean punished either by beating the trainees or making them lie on the ground during eritrrean hottest time of the day, which is between noon It was so tragic to see them in such a condition to the extent that the camp made a favor to them by allowing them the next day to wash their clothes and bodies.

The people of Eritrea are really facing a savage and merciless enemy that has remained relatively invisible in the eyes of the wider international community and the Eritrean Diaspora.

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But even after the meningitis case drew the attention of the Ministry of Health, despite the provision of preventive drugs, it persisted in the center for quite some time; and this may be attributed to the ever-prevalent poor living conditions. In the police station where I was detained, I stayed for 8 days with others who were detained a week before me, to a total of two weeks.

Many of the prisoners had to ensure their own supply. In cold places in the highlandspeople suffer a lot because of cold.

One hall was assigned to soldiers people who did their national serviceanother hall to civilians those planned to go for national service and another small hall to women indiscriminately civilians and soldiers.