I’m not even a JYJ fan but man, is that swoony. I KNOW that feeling. I hope he wasn’t talking about discovering the truth about the crime his father was accused of because that in no way has impact on who he is. I still feel she can’t marry him because of some incestuous reason And I want to so badly! For some reason, it seems like ALL female second leads have to be evil, while the same law doesn’t apply to male second leads.

No I mean I was wondering why the three ducklings didn’t seem to have an accent whereas Lee Gak has a strong one. Although she’s done no different than Boong Do’s manservant – risking her life and being loyal. But she already know that he met a woman there right?. Or maybe his flaws shine so bright that they are blinding us……. The doctor tells her to go ahead, however, saying that it will help set things straight. For info, the link to the fan project that Soompi is running is here:

Of course, the yangban as a class and as individuals did their utmost to hold onto as much of that government wealth as they could. I darmacrazy thinking about Boong Do’s late wife, now that I went back to episode 2.

I take your point that some details would change in the future base on BD’s action. It’s not over the top villainy without rhyme or reason. He finally gets his attention by playing a turn in the card game, which gets a reaction from the ex-officer, and Jung-hoo presses him to talk about the old case.

99, I hope you enjoy the recap! I want to see the princey-side of yi gak, too. Dee January 28, at 7: I’m guessing that you’ve seen many sageuks.

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Though i’m wondering, since she was evil in her past life, why wasn’t she, like, reincarnated into an animal? That includes leaking some info purposely to mislead the others in the company.


For instance, Hee-jin believes in the reality she lived out, but the more Boong-do changes in the past, the more her circumstances shift in the present. Yi Gak and Park-ha head home after dinner, but Man-bo and Yong-sool want to have a beer, and Chi-san agrees to go as long as they promise not to make him laugh.

Boong-do asks if he has hurt her pride, and despite her denial, he apologizes. If they trot him out later in the drama, it will look like he was shoehorned in to make the parallels nice and neat, instead of it building more naturally the way it would have if he had been present in the setup in Ep 1. Dong-min plays along, but takes her doctor aside to consult about her obviously mixed-up mental state.

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MissChiVyous April 26, at 8: If he even managed to live a full life in the Joseon period with or without true love he would be messing up history by having kids and other butterfly effects. The seamstress ahjummas are packing while Young-gul supervises and Ga-young double checks everything.

I kinda trust the screenwriters though that if the talisman reappears. Ondubu April 27, at 7: However, since she became one in the absence of other options, eepisode she wants to retire, she can remain here in his household.

Adralyn April 26, at 9: I’ve watched them raw, now waiting eagerly for the subs. He pulls out some liquor and grins. All the more reason to watch it as if I needed more.

So, pretty much very gray and relatable, I think. I am so glad the beginning episode of this drama has what looks like a happy dramzcrazy.

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Posted April 17, It seems like on American TV a lot times when you need to mention a random City Cleveland is up for the job, looks like that might be another thing the two cities have in common. Its the same for me. I did not look at it as Amnesia!


It could be pride in two ways. Jae Hyuk just stares at before walking away. When Yi Gak’s gone, it’ll be so sad for both of them Episode 10 Recap Hi!

Like maybe everything ties to BD’s memory but base on that theory everyone should recover their original memory the moment he came back to the.

I was curious and clicked on the link and now I have had it on repeat for the whole of the last day and even ripped the mp And a bit of thinking should make it clear that he has nothing to gain by killing that person in particular. The acting is so strong from the leads to the supporting cast, no weak link at all.

That’s how they convinced themselves to commit crimes and injustice. His eyes are his biggest asset! I have a feeling that although Yoon-Wol is very sweet and sacrificing Do Koreans in real life usually have a chaste style of kissing?

Then, with no warning it suddenly reappeared days later. Last blow was, the Prince was actually the real son of his beloved mom And she just kind of let him do it, very awkward.