Thank you Kerry-Sue, My kids enjoyed driving the course. Hi there — I have some video footage of my family at the Footrot Flats Theme park from …will try and dig it out. I hold the speed record. Yes No Report this. However… Well, I hope that those of you who visited this park during its short existence enjoyed this brief visit to that time. Those books do get around.

Got to wonder how a vintage plate from the flat lands of Nebraska found its way onto a car from Footrot Flats Theme Park, some miles and an international date line to the southwest. Your pictures of the Footrot Flats memorabilia also bring back a lot of memories. I hope you have put them in a book, or at least a story. I hold the speed record. Hunk Murphy voice Michael Haigh New Zealand comic strips comics debuts comics endings Comics about dogs Comics set in New Zealand Gag-a-day comics Comics adapted into animated films Comics adapted into plays. When they do play on a real course, Cooch usually wins. Centrifugal brakes were added after my record..

I am sure he could have a few more details not hazed by childhood. The Dog has a red tongue. Classic and curious collections curated by NZ On Screen and special guests. September 9, at 1: Spencer Faulkner on the other hand was employed and worked along side the animals and my father.

Hi Mark, I thank you for the information, and I know all the other readers also thank you.

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The Dog’s Tale Rainbows end in Manukau Auckland has one as well. As I mentioned in another post, after reading about a quarter of the book, I understood the relationships of all the characters. I could write a moovie on the reasons for its failure but really owe it a hell of a lot… I met my wife there she used to be the dog and horse the cat and learned much of the philosophy I use today in running my business there, many many friends and lots of stories… like the day the roller coaster crashed… Ted many thanks again you have made my day!


There was much “humour in adversity”, making fun of the daily struggle that permeates farming life. You could at least share the roller coaster crash… I can see a blog in your future. I tried looking for pictures or video and yours was all I found. Still miss the park every so often as it was such a large part of my childhood so any new interest in the place is always interesting to look over. Did you see that? If the aerial photos existed it would be interesting to see the progression from park to subdivision.


I wrote my first book over a span of two decades. Mofie day with all the rides busy and everything. Separation City Another script from Tom Scott.

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November 26, at Subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Again, thank you for your comment. May 14, at 9: Somewhere on google maps I found an option to jovie earlier maps. Novie 9, at 6: I recall as head animal handlers we had the first litter of cubs that the Lioness had at home in the living room teaching them human contact.

Wal can never beat his younger brother Rex in any sport. Many many thanks for posting this and the video. July 28, at 5: Also the first Panic comic. Petrol engines mounted behind the driver. Christian Bale is a bonafide A-list star, but he missed out on plenty of huge roles along the way.


Hi Danual, would I possibly be able to email you a few questions about the lion park? Hi Ted and posters. September 18, at 7: Produced by Magpie Productions. Yeah, but we are still here. July 30, at 7: Those memories mean alot to me as my dad took me to the park that one time.

Notify me of new comments via email. June 19, at Cooch is better than Wal at golf, even though the course is very hard the first hole is a par June 16, at On parting with the poster and or birthday card, I will keep it in footeot.

Footrot Flats

Audible Download Audio Books. I figured it was a north island since all the cues from the comic strip fit.

Mahon amusements in ngarawaihia use to own the rides there….

Hi Mary I took a look at google maps for that area, but nothing looked familiar. Hodder Moa Beckett Publishers Limited. June 28, at 4: I featured theem the advert shot on site for footrot flats park. The humour draws on the foibles of the characters, which many farmers found easy to recognise around them. But yes, the best thing was the mini golf.

I hold the speed record. Fairfax New Zealand Limited. Half way through, I understood the relationship of all the characters.