Watch out–he can resurrect himself. You might want to set a rally point from your older buildings to directly to this point because you’ll have to deal with the enemies pouring out here. Use mercenaries as well. You’ll encounter more enemies and another power generator. In the middle of the room are some War Golems. Head back once you’re done. Build more workers to build the towers faster. Make way back left for more gold and then head up the left side north.

Hug the right side of the map and head north. Keep going until you reach a cutscene where you’ll have to face some monsters. Have Vashj head south into the water to step on the other purple rune. Head back to the hallway outside and head north, passing the Infernal Juggernauts. Build lots of Myrmidons to fight. Destroy the Fel Orc Base. Flame Strike them to save yourself the trouble.

Focus everything you have on Magtheridon. An Undead base is just right next to the island you built your base on, so creat a line of defense to your left.

By doing so, you’ll have sieges in your troops which will help you dramatically. Head south from your base. Do a Banish attack on the footman and frag the enemies. Hit the lever and watch the monsters and footman fight.

La Caverne – épisode 17 – le pictionnary

There’s a tower near the shore guarding a Fountain of Health. Frag’em all and go right a little bit; frag this group of enemies as well and then use Kael’s Flame Strike ability to burn down the trees. Other than that, Magtheridon should fall.


Head back to the hallway outside and head north, passing the Infernal Juggernauts. Break the gate, rescue your comrades, frag and you should be done without much trouble. Use your Dragon Hawks to battle it out with the enemies here. You’ll keep epiode lots of gold in this level.

My Two Cents Flat – Episode June 27, – CJSW

You’ll be given another optional quest: Have your Dragon Hawks do major damage and have your Naga be 2 second wave cavefne exterminators. You can attain another tome by placing one of your troops on the yellow rune and have Vashj swim west and south to reach the second yellow rune. Save your mana and just use your regular attacks. Step on the top sheep, the bottom sheep second, and finally, the middle one last. Doing so will create another place for base and reinforcements.

Kill Maiev before you take control of the cage–your troops will halt once you do. After the cutscene, your optional quest of obtaining a gold mine is granted to you.

In the middle of the room are some War Golems. Head south and exit west until you see some grass. Head north and grab the secret level powerup. Free your third lieutenant caveene the left and the Blood Elves next to him. Destroy the Fel Orc Base.


Now, it’s time to concentrate with Vashj. There are some Emptresses that can fight back with their nasty frrozen so you might want to eradicate them quickly.

Head west and Banish another footman.

Was this guide helpful? Use all the items like Tiny Castles that Kael has picked up. Head back into the green orc base and go west and break open the gate.

Grab whatever they drop and make way right to pick up gold. This completes the level. Stay near the Fountain of Health if you have the time to wait.

A Fountain of Health lies slightly southwest of the purple base. Steal from him and proceed across the bridge to the east. Passing the green Orc base, destroy the pink power generator. Use mercenaries as well.

Keep going and frag all enemies here. You can only build towers on grass. Hug the bottom side until you reach a group of enemies. There’ll be some blue specs of dust hiting you. Frag the enemies here and bust open the cage to open more Draenei troops.