Lord Yoon, her father, is ambushed with an accusation of treason. What is my crime?! He is in pain, struggling to keep his animal side in. Except when the drama takes us back to her childhood, which consisted of not one but a series of life-and-death traumas, that is when the drama becomes suddenly makjang Korean. Her skirt is torn off next and all Seo-hwa can do is shake in shame. Sorry but your opinion is true bias and I bet you didnt watch GFB at all.

I like her personality…. YW hears the roars again and runs away. Cast – Kangchi, the Beginning. But to stay here, you need to prove yourself. Rashell April 15, at 9: I like Suzy’s character. The men greet each other as longtime friends.

Ivoire April 16, at 9: The cinematography is beautiful. Man, that scene must have been amazingly awkward to film. I guess we will find out what she is made of, as the show continues.

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Dam races to the execution, presided over by—who else? The guards are reluctant, but she gives the order and they have to obey.


Senior student tells her that KC might not live past this darmacrazy if he keeps spilling so much blood. You don’t sound biased at all. Kim Bo Mi Supporting Cast.

I think people should have the right to post their like or dislike in a drama – as long as they give an explanation why. As for the OST, I think it fits for the most fng except for the ballad, which is only jarring because it’s in English and I have to tune it out. SJ tells her not to be surprised.

I’m relieved, she can emote more than blank face she dpisode on Big.

This episode seems to be a get over and done with set up to the story, but I am enjoying the appearance of the leads especially Kang Chi. SJ is there, looking very, very unhappy.

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I think you’re talking about this one: Having it both ways. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Because dear god man, how can you not know that she is a girl?

We are pretty smart. Lord Yoon, her father, is ambushed with an accusation of treason. No, he sings the whole 3 minutes. Thankfully, only Gon is in the room with the mask on.


I also want more time with the parents. She should just stick as an idol, her acting is so bland If you do, then I will tie you again. Episode 1 was great, but I wish Dam’s fate didn’t end up that way after saving her mistress.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this ug clip. I know what you mean my friend. My utter hatred for Rat Bastard is completely sealed, though.

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Can I make a wish if dramabeans team can recap all of them? Something has gone terribly wrong. Looking forward to watching, esp reading the glowing report! It episore such a beautiful episode! I will finish it but Im not loving it.