Originally posted by skidmark:. Oh yea this is just the simple way of doin it. It’s closed with a padlock – use your pistol on it. Go along it until you see a locked door 86 look around for some ammo. Use explosive barrels laying here and there to help yourself. Find a fuse box a little bit further. Approach the wired gate 62 on the other side of the room.

HL2 Episode One Guide. Start a New Discussion. If that dosent work? I encountered this glitch, a restart fixed it. After a short walk you’ll find yourself in a room with an elevator If somehow that dosent work? You might have noticed an electronically locked door before.

After a short walk you’ll be in a tunnel 58 filled with Zombies and Headcrabs. Go further and you’ll encounter Antlions and Barnacles It’s being used by the Antlions as an entrance.

Wait until miss Vance comes back to senses episodw disables the force field It’s good to make use of Alyx and let her do the shooting, as your ammo is very limited. Go upstairs and deal with the spiders. The second car is on the first floor. The girl will suggest that the nearby cable should lead you to a fuse box.

It’s filled with Zombies, but you don’t lowlie to fight them – Alyx will do just fine, you just point your flashlight at them. In the next room, being in fact one of the levels of an underground parking lot, there’s a hole in the ground. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Use the Grav Gun to push the vehicle to the lower level 78 and use it to cover a hole.


Half-Life 2: Episode One Bugs

Go ahead, using the flashlight on the enemies. I was waiting for her in the train for like 10 minutes, then i jumped and she jumped after 30 seconds. At the end of the way you’ll see a door labeled Exit You’ll reach a small room 68 where you’ll find a fuse box Use it and go back to the tunnel. Did you take the weight off her with the gravity gun so she could get out? This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

Yeah I got the same thing, crawled through the hole and loaded Lowlife before I realised Alyx wasn’t following me yet.

Tha Stalker-train bug :: Half-Life 2: Episode One General Discussions

It has occurred at least 1 time while remaining in the the small dark area after jumping from the train and also in the next room where low life begins. Start a New Discussion.

After you wpisode her up from Stalker, you can jump down and wait for her downstairs, but don’t trigger the Lowlife segment. As you might have guessed, now it’s up to you to close them all. Get through them and enter the elevator Can’t help ya mate!

What does the One Free Bullet achievement allow? Oh yea this is just the simple way of doin it. Originally posted by skidmark:. For those that loqlife it for the first time, though, it might be a bit more difficult. If somehow that dosent work? Approach the wired gate 62 on the other side of the room.

Went on ahead to see if she would follow me later. Before you use it, look for a crack in the wall 74 on the other side of the tunnel. It’s closed with a padlock – use your pistol on it.


There’s a med lolife and some ammo. Showing 1 – 7 of 7 comments. There’s a wrecked train at the end of the tunnel. A View Profile View Posts. Plaidygami View Profile View Posts. I thought it was a random event, it’s happened to me maybe times in umpteen playthroughs. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. First grab a red car 76 and throw into the first live. Next to the barrel there’s an Air Vent 60 which you can use after opening it with a Grav Gun.

If that dosent work? Episode One Store Page. Perhaps you should just restart the checkpoint and play it from there.

The third car is also on the first floor, but in order to get to it, you’ll have to go even higher – using another plank Open it and power will be back on. Lucky part this time for those who completed the third chapter before! You can go right through the door 83but it’s useful to go lower and find a supply crate.

The fuse box 87 is to the right. Look around the room for some supplies now.