She is then asked to help set up for Botan’s birthday party. Private Eye in the Distant Sea Lupin the 3rd vs. The people watch nervously. Atsui shows the girls a picture of him and the bride’s present, it was revealed to be a giant shoe, modelled after Cinderella’s slipper. According to him, Ran sings with her beautiful voice when a good Haiku is recited to her. Similarly, Swan hurt his wing and is afraid of flying.

While the girls make their costumes at Leila’s house, Manatsu is upset that she could not have a wand. But suddenly, Ryoku cries out with everybody turning around, seeing a young boy waving Ryoku around by his tail. Lil’Pri are busy watching a comedy TV show when a commercial with Wish comes on. On New Year’s Eve, a huge party is being held at the Queen’s castle. Saotome stands up and says they should do a play called “Go Go Hero Saotome” where he plays the lead role via kisses the heroine in the end. To make a new year happen, Lil’Pri and the inhabitants of Fairyland must perform to make Kukkuru appear for Ikkuru.

Natsuki rushes to save Ryoku, but the boy refuses.

When the princesses who turned out to be Ringo, Leila and Natsuki are finally found, they eventually have a debut. With the help of Wish and the Queen of Fairyland, however, their secret is safe. The Raven Chaser Detective Conan: However, they and the entire village were swallowed up by a tear and dropped into the human world. Lili at first refuses to go back, but then accepts when she realizes that her friends are looking for her. However, the entire class is in a state of unease due to her constant nagging and strictness, which earns her the nickname “Nag-iko”.

In order to cheer him up, Lil’Pri decides to help him. Chizome no Kesshousen Kyojin no Hoshi: Tomaso’s task, however, is to search for Lil’Pri, which frightens Leila and her friends. Ringo and her friends were curious about why the old man kept sighing.


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With every “ha” she says, the master is revealed to be an “overly strict” person. Magician of the Silver Sky Detective Conan: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wanting to be the most beautiful in Fairyland, the Witch attempts to attack Lil’Pri. His next suggestion ktogi to stitch all of their handkerchiefs together to make a flag.

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Apparently, Masaki is having trouble coming up with a good Haiku. The Tales of St.

Sunflowers of Inferno Yowamushi Pedal Re: The cause of this is that the One-Inch Boy seems to have become a complete slacker. Natsuki refuses but joins instead when she unleashes her athletic prowess. Dpisode of Judgement Gugure! She tends to be forgetful and clumsy. The four girls try different methods to get his autograph, but all fails. While none of his students pay much attention, he doesn’t give up.

Hearing this, Ringo and her friends decide to help the two gain their confidence. Chris then appears and delivers them a message from Wish, wanting them to lillpri on his show once again. Time Paradox Brave 10 Lupin the Third: Thinking that they need to get to the queen as soon as possible, they start to head for Fairy Land when a giant tear opens in the sky and the queen’s castle comes falling through it.

Lil’Pri is invited by Wish to perform live at Ikeike Studio, but when the princess of Enka, Yuuko Nakajyou, tells them that their song is “lacking” soul, while exploring the studio they learn the true meaning of singing Transformation: The mysterious rabbit Chris who had helped them before is back. Ringo tries to thank the girl, but then realized that she is Karen, the figure skating idol who is known for her jump.


Vivi is left episide look after Lil’Pri when Chris is turn into a normal rabbit. With the determination of becoming a powerful dragon, Ryoku begins to train.

Ringo transforms into Snow White chikkk her symbol is an apple. Ringo is overjoyed of being the “mother”. This, however, causes Natsume to go through the trouble of making a wand. Chie-chan Funsenki — Watashi to Watashi: Atsui says that it fits his bride perfectly. They quickly found her, but is unable to move due to hunger.

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Due to the team never winning a game, they declare a disband after the next match. However, when they stop help Roo in the garden, their new song is discovered. Ringo is a sweet and adventurous girl, curly and short pink hair with a red headband, red eyes, she wears a white shirt long sleeves with a pink vest with a epsiode bow, a red skirt and a dark yellow boots. After Ringo gets back, she immediately asks her father to participate in the apple pie contest.

Similarly, Swan hurt his wing and is afraid of flying. Her Ma-Pet is Sei, whom she tells her family is a parrot. Watching her seven brothers and Sei, she skates full speed. But no matter how many times she implores him, he wouldn’t agree to participate.