He opens the knot. I will tell her the truth and will inform her that you are married with Zeenat. Nic 30th Dec – 2: Servant asks shall I make toast for Sahir. Zaki tells her that Samaira is lying and he will never marry her. Anam says it is just nonsense. She then thinks she shall give him something and says he has everything.

He asks what you are doing and what do you wants to prove. Arzoo asks him to keep smiling and says you looks good when you smile. Samaira asks him to prove if she is lying. Like 0 Dislike 0. She thanks him for becoming her humsafar and hugs him. Alvira gets shocked and asks it means you have less time to fulfill your promise. It will be yes. Arzoo says I wants to give you a gift and it was very difficult to think.

Arzoo sees Zaki and asks what happened.

Zaki says he can answer you better. He asks what you are doing and what do you wants to prove. Zaki says very soon I will prove. Zaki stops seeing Sahir.

Naina 26th Dec – Page 1 of 1. He says whatever is happening with you and says how to tell you…….

Sahir-Arzoo Ka Compatibility Test!! – Humsafars – 24th Dec 2014

The episode starts with Alvira coming home. She says she got her humsafar today. Anyways thanks for the update hasan. Zaki says whatever is happening with you is not right. He says his mind knows that it is just a game, then why heart is thinking it as truth.


Zaki says he is lying and asks Sahir to tell the truth. Why Sahir is hurrying up for marriage? Last updated Dec 24, Arzoo sees Sahir and smiles. 20144 gets shocked and asks what are you saying? Sahir makes her wear it. She says love can even make a man. Kurti Apa comes to Anam. Arzoo asks why he will do this with me.

He can do only business and not love. Sahir gives her something. He says tell her humsxfars you did this to win the challenge. Anyways thanks for the update hasan. Click here for Top Spoilers Post. Zaki says Sahir chaudhary.

Natasha 25th Dec – Arzoo asks her to think that she will making her barathis eat. He gets angry at himself as he recalls moments with her. Humsafats asks will I be able to fulfill the relation with this house? Sahir gets up and takes Arzoo to the hall. Will you become my Humsafar?

She asks about its taste. Anam says it is just nonsense.


Humsafars 26th December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Arzoo asks why he will do this. He comes and sees paratha. Alvira asks the servant to make everyone eat sweets. Sahir scolds Zaki for informing Arzoo about his challenge. She falls on the bed happily and talks to Ashrafi. She thinks is this true? He gets moved by jumsafars words and closes his eyes.

Sahir says Zeenat will be send to US for further treatment and her chances to get well is very bright. Zaki talks on phone and says he needs to know the paternity test results.

Alvira is shocked and says what did you do Zaki…. Click here for All New Spoilers. Arzoo goes to see.

A password will be e-mailed to you. She asks is this true? Am I dexember with Arzoo or my heart is playing with me. She loves you from the very beginning. Alvira says I am seeing you tensed since many days and asks is there anything.