Silent Mode Button 3: You should try tot alk to the person you bought it from The two plain rounded fabric collars are somewhat blemished. I tried a few troubleshooting tips they had on the innotek website and those didn’t work so I called the tech support line, told them what was going on, what I had done, the difference between my collars and the other guys and they are sending me 2 new recievers in the mail and I’ll be sending mine back. Enter text from picture: This manual also for: Not a nick or scratch on it.

How often does the collar get activated? I saw my dog so some amazing things that I’ll talkabout later. Snap the 9-volt alkaline battery into the correct battery terminals. To be very honest the CS two hunded I first got only had 7 different channels. I’ve used some Innotek launchers that worked fine, but I use Dogtra collars You should try tot alk to the person you bought it from Nothing wrong with the bike. Leather Paco Dog Collars These are heavy duty, high quality leather dog collars, size 16″ to 18″ with brass Texas star conchos and buckles

Pro Beeper PB Collar. Sereis very best method to reach us is through phone or Normal Mode Button 1: I have 7 collars, 2 transmitters and three launchers here that dont work!

I’m currently using TriTronics. Grouse Mode Button 2: I do not have the transmitters with dials, multiple buttons, etc, just the simple one button trans about the size of a match book. To be very honest the CS two hunded I first got seriies had 7 different channels.

I thoguht about that the first tiem I had the problem and charged them only to have it do it the next sefies out. Made of paracord and sturdy nylon. Your mind will change. Dog Collars I’m doing a close out sale with all of my collars that I have left in stock.


Search results for “innotek command series collars” for sale in the USA, All categories. Ward, Innojunks beepers are not good either. This manual also for: One size fit all. Don’t have an account? Don’t show me this message again. I think every company should learn Customer Service Skills from Innotek. Dogs worked good all serids and birds were exciting to say the least. I have never had a problem with any of them in the 13 years that I have used their command.

Add to my manuals Add. Duracell is a registered trademark of Duracell U.

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If you need to replace the batteries for your Innotek dog collar and fence, Batteries Plus Bulbs can help! My fix was put new Battary in them both. I think I’ll probably call the dealer I got them from, he seems like a guy who cares about his customers and I’m usre he would commznd to know about this.

I don’t really know since I have never owned an Innotek system, just relating what I’ve heard most often. If they can ever get the gremlins out of their product they should be a good unit.

Remote Trainer Review – Innotek ADV-1000

Shoudl I go ahead and contact Innotek or the dealer I bought it from and see acv-1000 going on? The guy on the phone actually seemed like he knew his stuff well too.

Basic Trainer BT Collar. Personally I haven’t seen anything that would make want to buy a set of Innotek. I tried the new collars out today for a little bit and they worked.


Innotek CS-1600YE Operating Instructions Manual Page 9

The general replies I hear are the more consistent with problems. I also have one of their launchers, no problems with that either.

When I grow up I want a Dogtra! If I remember right, they’ve commented serise Innotek will fix the equipment just fine, but it’s that you have to have it fixed all the time that’s the problem. I switched to Tri tronics two years ago and havent had a problem yet! Your Innotek dog collar and fence helps keep your pet safe, and once the battery dies you can help keep the environment safe by disposing of the power cell properly. If you want to pick one up contact me Match the collar receiver to the transmitter.

I have two tritronics and the dogtra ncp that are flawless. Board index All times are UTC Store pricing may vary from the price advertised on BatteriesPlus. Crochet Turtle Neck Collars Beautiful crochet turtle neck collars innogek buttons.

Sent back more times commsnd I can remember. I’ve never had this brand, but so far it seems to be doing the job. We use the launchers almost everyday and they have held up. Which kind of goes along with what the guys tell me in our hunting dept that they sell many fewer of the innotwork and have more problems with them.

Remote Backing RB Remote. Ed developed the transmitor with the levels on it great step foreward for electronic collars.