Takaishi spots Akito catching Aya in his arms, and thinks that Akito is cheating. Following the Broadway musical run, Gary decides to tell the press the he is the Father of Naozumi. Things go very well between the two, until Fuka meets Hayama, and that’s when the trouble starts. The next day Akito sees that he is with another girl. He talks to Sana asking her how she feels about Akito. While Sana and Naozumi are rehearsing, Rei starts searching for an apartment.

Brad tells Naozumi and Sana about his motivations. Will Sana and Akito get a chance to tell each other how they feel? Since the break up with Akito, Fuka has been dying to tell her old friend Takaishi. She runs away from the apartment to be alone. A student in Akito’s class was in the karate club before Akito told him to quit due to his fatigue. She invites a lot of them. Tsuyoshi panics over Akito’s reluctance to reveal his feelings to Sana. One More Song Episode

Mother’s Gleeful and Practical Joke Episode Will Sana and Akito get a chance to tell each other how they feel? Hayama’s Mother is Mecha-Hayama Episode How will they react? Every time they think they’ve found her it turns out to be someone else.

So Sana finally figures everything out and is right back on track. The Same Name Appears Episode The animals are not in their cages, because there are no dangerous animals in that particular zoo. Sana is sitting on the roof when Naozumi calls saying how they should go to America. Should We Go Home or Not?


Tsuyoshi panics over Elisode reluctance to reveal his feelings to Sana. Since Sana has no more jobs left due her supposed “Diva” move, she decides that she should take a break from work.

He gets all upset and starts crying. Sana gets a letter from someone claiming to be Kurata Sana.

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Suspense in New York Episode What happens between them? Sana made it out of the burning house safe and sound, thanks to Naozumi. Does she take it? Naozumi and Sana arrange for the family to meet in the park and talk out their feelings. It’s the class trip to the Zoo.

But he was so busy with Sana he forgot to tell her that he wasn’t going. How does Sana feel about this? One was if Sana and Naozumi were really dating. That night the press is interviewing Naozumi at a conference, and asks whether he and Sana were dating each other. Normally, Rei and Maeda would be dealing with paparazzi and bogus articles, but since they are secluded on the mountain and busy with the movie the rumor mill has been working overtime.

She makes a call to none other than Akito. The next day Akito sees that he is with another girl. He decides to go for revenge. The school requirements for any club is 5 members plus a faculty adviser. In the hospital Fuka is sitting in her room bored. Adult Love can Wait Episode Sana’s is preparing to leave for a three month long movie shoot.


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Meanwhile Sengoku-sensei is plotting to get Akito expelled. Do they go back? She tells him that it’s over between epidode because he is still in love with Sana. They’re reminiscing on their recent events as well as when they started middle school. While Sana and Naozumi are rehearsing, Rei starts searching for an apartment.

When she is found she and Sana have a talk. What are his intentions with that money?

Sana and Naozumi go after him. Today Sana starts her first year at Jinbou Middle School where she meets her new best friend, Matsui Fuka, in eng,ish bathroom! What happens to Sana’s line issue?

Kodocha Episode 14 English Subbed at gogoanime

Even Akito is starting to fall into the trap. It turns out that they’re disappointed with the amount of work that she has been doing. When Naozumi finds out why she wouldn’t say “Devil”, how does he feel?

He goes to her house to break up with her because Sana is still in love with Akito. Back Together Episode enhlish Akito gives him this big stare, and scares him.