So, you know how you sometimes have to use a tow cable to explode things in other ship levels? Come back around to another TIE Fighter gate this one is close to a torpedo dispenser , in the back of this area. What do you need help on? You’ll more than likely have to drag some of the bombs into the white walls to knock loose some extra studs, because you’ll need the boost. To the right of the second fuel cell 3: To the right of the first asteroid barrier 5:

It’s right at the start near the Control Ship. I found myself looking in places I’d never been before when searching for the White Kits. The start of the next area 6: To the left of the theater, in the fertilizer area Rebel Attack Table of Contents Next: Go back to the outside of the TIE Fighter gate and grab a bomb, then tow it to the back of the area and blow up the wall and reach a secret Double Score Zone. Start jumping on the small islands to the left 9:

You are commenting using your WordPress. The Probe Droids won’t harrass you too much in this area, thankfully.

Make a stairway out of the last pole of red bricks to get to the Stormtrooper access point. Mini-Kit in the back Underneath the Emperor’s Chair 3: The kit is in the air above you.

Hoth Battle – LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough & Guide – GameFAQs

Ride up to the second wall and shoot to the right for another Canister. After clearing the door to the last minikjts of the level, jump on the “arm” off the the right then jump onto the walkway, and head left 9: High jump to the Stormtrooper access panel, jump to the ledge to the north, head right, then high jump to the ledge to the south 8: Destroy the mine close to 2. Right eppisode to the Stormtrooper access point Chapter 6: Home All Chaptter Harry Potter: At the start, look right 2: After making the two ramps, to the right up the path a little ways, will be a dark Force blockade.


Immediately after destroying the first LEGO wall with the catapult, turn left 9: Continue down Obi-Wan’s path to the next room.

Continuing to stay to the right, past the gap and follow the wall to the end 4: To the left of the crawlspace 9: Go through the crawlspace at the back left prison cell then go through the crawlspace in the back left crawlspace 6: Go inside the dome and head to the back In the last room, head left near the group of Stormtroopers Chapter 6: To the far left of Chancellor Palpatine’s chair is a jump point 9: In the room behind it, it’s on the ground behind a statue’s head.

Break the 6 brown platforms and go underneath 8: In the small opening to the right of the big garbage can hiding one of the carrots 3: This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission.

After 4, go to the 5 tanks and go in the first crawlspace.

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Fly over the missing bridge and you’ll see the kit on the other side. Float up the blue columns and float over to the kit. In the Stormtrooper acess room, use an R2-D2 unit to disable the barrier on the right side.


There are two AT-ATs in this area. The kit is on the right side of the room. As you exit the tunnel, shoot the snow pile on the left for a Canister. In the next area, start out to the right, and head into the ice fishing room, look to the right once in the room 5: You’ll see a couple brown pillars you can use the force to move.

In the same room with the second Force field off to the left 7: After leaving the gated area, it is s raight ahead in between two signs 7: After the long bend it’ll be slightly tucked away on the corner in the left 6 Continue on until you reach the destroyable “dome” where you can drop down.

This is very tough to complete with doing it in Free Play or with multipliers. I was wondering if your guide for the blue minikits in was for the version or Wii version.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blue Mini Kit Guide for Xbox by Neutropia – GameFAQs

Thus I won’t be walking through the levels entirely, merely the sections of the levels you come to. Go through the TIE Gate in the second area. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The Chamber of Secrets Year 3: