This has also happened to me, I drove both cars over the ramp, tried starting the level over and the same thing happens every time- the green lights go on but no minikit appears. A lot more studs to collect, but the possibilities are also wider. There’s no ‘sure fire’ solution and I didn’t experience any such bug myself. In the same room as 2, use the Force on the platforms on the wall. Attack of the Clones. Just push one of the crates into a marking in front of the minikit.

Sign Up for free. This time remember to use the Force on the walls before you destroy them. Your partner should step on the other button, raising the covering over the Canister. By the Sandcrawler, step on one of the boxes and jump into the hole on the right, or high jump. Hop on and ride to the top. Walkthroughs and guides for all movie-based Lego video games. There’s no ‘sure fire’ solution and I didn’t experience any such bug myself. Sign up for free!

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough – Page 5

This page of the walkthrough will cnapter you through each of the games 6 movie levels and each of those levels chapters, in chronological order.

You can now easily get it after following the tracks.


Freeplay Mode – Episode V. Your Question Please give as much detail as possible. Walkthroughs and guides for all movie-based Lego video games. Go up to this area.

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Near you on the right are three boxes. Use the Dark Side on the door at the beginning of the level, just after crossing the first abyss. The Canister is in the middle. You’ll see a force field with an interface beside it.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – FAQ/Walkthrough

There’s quicksand mud puddles all over the place. High Jumper works wonders! In the second area of the Sandcrawler with the eight buttons use Sith Force on the wall to the left. The Order of the Phoenix Year 6: Then two wiii must stand on the two spots. Assemble the box in front of you, and either blast or deflect the Tuskens on the ledge.

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In the first vaporator area, put together the grapple point, then Force the hook into position so you can grapple up to this one. Let the Wookiee win. After dropping down in the second area, build the grappling point and go up.


Just use any blaster character to grapple up to it. This achievement requires that you set off the 3 discos that are scattered throughout the game. Now that you have Threepio, you can go back to an early part of the Sandcrawler where you can assemble a Threepio panel and access an extra room for a ton of studs.

Just try to control Ben most of the time and you’ll be able to see more stud-collecting opportunities. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows: The Original Trilogy Game Guide by gamepressure. Go forward, build the grapple point, stack the boxes on top of each other, and Force the platform down. The Half-Blood Prince Year 7: That Ambulance thing isn’t needed.

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