Denis talks about traveling through countries in civil wars, historical sights that were destroyed or missing, how the UN became their cultural backers, having their phones tapped in police states, and the openness of the people of Central Asia. The Full Winners List 5. Drunk on, and thanks for listening! Available on Xbox One. Duration 10 episodes 3 h 53 min. Matt talks about working for SB Nation, Justin just released a book so he talks about his book tour, Burnsy answers our questions, and we roast Laremy with his own morning news appearance.

Into The Blue 3. In addition to the V violence sub-letter, the show is also rated TV for moderate sexual content scenes of sexual intercourse , and language. Can you beat the Breathalyzer? Some of the deaths resemble real life events they are based on, for example death No. This article needs additional citations for verification. Thom Beers pilot, U. There was an error posting your review.

Retrieved from ” https: MANswers 4 Seasons TV Men’s interests are covered in this magazine series featuring reenactments, expert commentary and interviews.

The show also has episodes rated TV-MA. Do big boobs float?

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How teeny can a bikini get before the Vice Squad shuts you down? Available to Stream Watch on. How can you kill a bear with your hands?


The show is filled with black humor particularly in the narration which tempers the otherwise somber theme of death. And what does it take to get a stripper home? By e;isode this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Into The Blue 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vince pops up again, and Laremy details what episoode has been up to recently.

How can you bust out of handcuffs? A narration provides background information within each death-story, which all end with titles that are puns on popular figures of speech. Wanna know what animal gets the drunkest? How did a guy have sex while flying a helicopter? It entails lots of video taping. The show was cancelled after the producers and stars of the show ran a strike against the network. Season 5 of Comedy Central’s Reno ! A listener has a life changing experience with the Monkey Scoop technique.

There was an error posting your review. Both Vince and Laremy saw Snow White and the Huntsmanwhich they found to be dumb and boring, and lacking any redeeming qualities.

Thom Beers pilot, U. Can you take the dump of death?

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Jason get to play MANswers Roulette to find out how big boobs would behave on the moon. However, the third part of the story is made up.


How many elevator farts does it take to KILL? Drunk on, and thanks for listening! This week we have our first sponsor AdamAndEve.

Additional information Networks Spike. The Curse of Oak Island 2. Impressive trailers to disappointing movies are discussed, as well as hidden tracks on CDs.

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Men’s interests are covered in this magazine series featuring epiosde, expert commentary and interviews. Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! How can a toilet save a guy’s life? How much booze does it take to kill you?

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Joe debacle to get a replacement pick for the Fantasy Film Box Office. This week we welcome comedian Jason Dove into our Frotquarters. As always, Burnsy brings some Hott Goss news.