The first work by a local on the collection of peribahasa was by Mohd. No words can suffice to record my true appreciation to my lovely mum Eau Chong Liau who always wishes me in Thai: Otherwise, his good or bad actions will be modelled by his children as the proverb goes: Besides its argumentative and problem-solving function, peribahasa can also be used in the sphere of education, either as a tool in language teaching or poetry instruction Edward Djamaris , Besides capturing the interest of paremiologists, current research also show some forms of empirical tendencies through the involvement of psychologists and cognitive scientists. There is also a general exploration of the Malay thinking trait in their socio-economic and political life to confront the challenges of the twentieth century Mohamad Abu Bakar

I think Webster was right especially when we are to apply them to the Malay political rhetoric when he commented: Thirdly, this research will try to peer at the differences between the so-called Western rhetorical conceptions of argumentation as compared with the Malay ways of argumentation. Another problem with the Malay proverb collection is the inclusion of “teka-teki riddle ” and also pantun 14 quatrain too many to be cited, see e. Kingdom , another Riboku chapter. Ungkapan atau kalimat-kalimat ringkas padat, yang berisi perbandingan, perumpamaan, nasihat, prinsip hidup atau aturan tingkah laku. If anyone tries to classify them into such categories, they are only an artificial division. The purpose of this research is not an ethnographic study of the Malays; it is neither a content analysis64 nor is it to seek for the origin of any single Malay proverb, but rather to address some more general philosophical and conceptual questions on how the Malays approach conflict resolution or resolve disagreement argument, i. In addition to the above, others too have helped me in one way or another.

My gratitude to Prof. Other proverb tests apparently serve as diagnostic tools in the identification dpisode possible schizophrenics. Before we go into the content of Malay proverbs on how the Malay worldview was portrayed, it will be important to know first what it means by peribahasa, how peribahasa can be classified and how it was used.

Even though it is important to look at the collective mind of the Malays, the literature available so far reveal a rather individualistic approach or hero-centricity as more attention is given to a certain individual be it politician or non-politician in various publication of biographical writings.


Never cringing, he is reserved with strangers and suspicious, though he does not 25-53 it Three Perspectives Summarised Table 3. Barakat misses the most fundamental distinction between the two forms, and that is their contrasting statuses as secular and sacred items. In the writing of this dissertation, many have extended their helping hands, either by sending me articles or accompanying me to go through tedious library search.

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Goleman in his jarimau Emotional Intelligence Bantam Books, Even debates in the United Nations are often interspersed with proverbs which can become verbal weapons that are difficult to contend against. It was characterised by internal and external fulfilment Pains in life primarily evolved due to the physical health problems and their solutions. The fact that most Malays do not understand the language does not perturb these orators.

Mozi and the School of Names e. Let me quote his own words to justify his claims: Classification of Malay Proverbs Malay proverbs are to be categorised as one of the verbal folklore with its own uniqueness.

According to Abdullah Hussainviiperibahasa came from three sources. I believe that there is a universal, general notion of logical categories and hypothesise that the Malay folks will basically possess the same logical principles but with different rhetorical-dialectical attitudes, epjsode these can be traced from their culture and peribahasas.

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According to my interpretation, if we ponder and contemplate seriously about this Rational Wing of Argument, we will find out that they are generally quite in line with three integrated aspects of human feelings, viz. Discussions on the Malay culture and logic, as I have observed so far, were either superficial, wrongly- defined, not properly covered or centred on the claim that there was only logical and scientific thinking after the arrival of Islam. To me, the answer should be a positive one and that the Eastern philosophical models are closer to the Malay mind.

A philosophical study of Malay ways of reasoning and emotion in peribahasa. Previously, the Malay politicians who were trying to prove that they are well-versed in Malay literature will cite proverbs and pantun in their speeches to show that they were concerned with the Malay tradition and to display their Malay-ness as part of their rhetorical persuasion.


Early research has tended to be historical in emphasis, which tried to locate the possible places and times of origin of individual proverbs See several articles of Archer Taylor and Wolfgang Mieder Does it also indicate that previous works which tried to equalise logical skills and language skills with intelligence have been proven wrong?

I also discovered that he had presented an article on African proverbs and practical reasoning some time in August in Italy.

Graduation exercises in the local universities are another source of interpretative studies on Malay proverbs. The Malay fondness for proverbs in their early times, for instance, was stated by Swettenham in his book, British Malaya: It is perhaps the end of the beginning.

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Dari pengalaman ia membentuk undang2 yang umum, bahagian2 disatukan jadi epksode Sanoesi Pane A Full Hearing raised a few ironical statements about the perception of Westerners towards Malay as people orang Melayu and as language bahasa Malaysia, bahasa Indonesia or simply bahasa Melayu. As we know, there are various ways how people resolve disagreement: To see the character of logic in India, see Matilal As such, the contextual issue for the individual proverb use by particular individual episoode not become a matter of importance to me.

Tham Seong Chee9 stated: These are two crucial questions among philosophers of logic and culture. Besides capturing the interest of paremiologists, current research also show some forms of empirical tendencies through the involvement of psychologists and cognitive scientists.

Widjaya for taking care of me when I was ill while in Hamburg. Oral traditions easily die out when overwhelmed by colonial conquerors or external influences.

Peribahasa was regarded as the same as pepatah or bidal by Husny What is it like for the hairmau For a discussion on a critical comparison of Indian, Chinese, Islamic and European modes of argument, see Daor