Silent Love by subhsresaha reviews Thought it’s been so many times that he has decided to propose her… but every time he has failed miserably…but then too it was very much special for them.. C Hope you ppl like it R n r C. Its you my Love.. Love story by Shreyadaya reviews what happens when someone you love might die in just days, this is a story about Shreya and daya’s journey and how they over come there opticals but can they over come there biggest optical death or will they lose each other forever. Same is true with our Super Cop Fathers. Without you, beside me… I am nothing….

Only way left is to live Hide n Seek by UndoubtedlyTheWine reviews Everybody has a secret and there are some things that nobody knows but only us right? D’s reviews when i feel i have lost you, i also find you standing beside me giving me strength to find you. Nothing is more important my Love except You.. After Twenty Years by Diksha Lamba reviews Two friends move in two opposite directions to make there fortune S for Kavi lovers on their college life

Two lovers parted ways four years ago never to see each other again. Rated T to be safe. A surprise for all of u Bezubaan Ishq by Dareya Lovers reviews Silence speaks more than words. Leaving behind there prints Purva15 Plz peep in: Har saans se puchke bata de.

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mioe Tere bin main na rahu Dard-E-Dil by DayaVineet’s Girl reviews Agar zindagi ko dusra mauka diya jaayetoh zindagi mein khushiyan badh sakti hain Read at ur own scrutiny. Here’s a Ishyant OS for all the Ishyant fans out there.


But they are not couples K – English – Spiritual – Chapters: A one shot C. D’s reviews A small wish of childhood with a little memory trapped inside a boat in bottle C Hope you ppl like it R n r C.

Who Are His Culprits? Give a chance to this os. Happy Birthday meri Sugar of life S for Kavi lovers on their college life Tamanna Dayabhi Abhirika 6.

Lyrics In Hindi – लफ़्ज़ों का खेल: तू जाने ना – Tu Jaane Na (Atif, Kailash Kher)

Bday gift for my friend. AbhiRika happen to realize this after they fall apart for a short period. When I stood at your Place by Crazy-M. What happens when one hides a sad truth from the other.

What will it be if our cops turn into fathers. To know more, have your eyes on it.

Mil Ke Bi Hum Na Mile – Episode 70

Ek durse ko samjana flul jaiysa hai vaisa hi accept kar. A story of emotions Tum Mile by nandy. Little Things by Purvi’s niharika reviews What’s your example of a perfect date? When they somehow confess their love to each other, they didn’t knew what else was in store for them?

She was waiting, to see his reaction. Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai by Geet SHREYAholic reviews Daya and shreya got married when daya was 5 and shreya was just 1, then shreya’s family shifted to London for business milkr and they never meet each other,now after 22 years they are going to nhi.


Stranger to friend by Srija reviews Friendship isnt pre-planned Inn ke faaslon mein. What will happen when their paths meet after long n hard 3 year? They had gone but their memories are still remain alive Kasa Hai Yeah Pyaar by dareya.

Read n Review to know.!

Just a random thought Mere bin tu na rahe Tu hi Tu by Diksha Lamba reviews nthing to say much A candle light dinner or watching a movie together? Its An Abhirika os!

Oc based so bashers keep away! The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what. A special Os for my special friend.

Will she leave him like all or will she battle out victorious for the love of her life? How will their relationship blossom with this turn of events? LOVE blooms beneath a family She will never hurt anyone.

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Entry of Two people in Daya and Shreya’s life. Would they rejoice their mystical friendship that they had met in Daya’s apartment? Ya kuch aur bhi baney? Mostly about DaReya, but there are SachVi as well because they are my favorite.

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