While contemplating this vision Chase is attacked by a S. When they get there and get the book, The Dawnmaster steals it. Bren as Christopher Smith Karen Strassman Meanwhile, Chase has visions of his mother in some kind of warning. Chase learns how to use his Monsuno, which he names Liger. The father has gone missing, and Chase is looking for clues. Edit Details Release Date: See also TV Schedule.

Two, he is once again trying to create a human-Monsuno hybrid. But this is a very special vision. Chase and his friends discover that Beyal lost his soul, and they head to the library to figure out how to get Beyal his soul back, but Dark Spin interferes. Before being separated once more, Jeredy gives his son a new Monsuno named Evo. Searching for answers, Chase leads his crew back into the crystal-filled Cave of Convergence, the one they completely trashed in the previous episode. Chase’s visions are getting more intense, while Beyal’s are disappearing. Chase has another one of his intense dreams only this time he doesn’t believe it was just a dream.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! It’s deep in the icy mountains of Northpoint.

All goes well except for the fact fpisode Charlemagne is fully anticipating Chase’s every move and it looks like the end for our heroes.

Juusen Battle Monsuno – EP 1 ENG DUB

Lists of American children’s animated television series episodes Lists of anime episodes. Team Core-Tech must stop him with their own boosts, Strike Gear. Without him the rest of the Core-Tech team start arguing which results in a vlash on 2 battle amongst themselves.

Our young hero heads out alone to an abandoned facility in search of his father only to meet up with Darkspin and Medea! Klipse makes his move and invites Chase to join his organization.

Monsuno: Combat Chaos – Season 1, Episode 1: Clash –

While on his way to S. Unbeknownst to them, they are being hunted by a hired killer, the crazy Dom Pyro under orders from Dr. He’s moments from pulling the trigger! Monsumo has a vision of Sophia while attempting to help Chase with his meditations. The trio heads to Axistown where they meet a mysterious woman who sends them to an underground fight club; Jinja obtains epksode own Monsuno she calls Charger.


Klipse reveals his latest experiment, Number 6, a teenage clone of himself, and sends him episore to destroy Team Core-Tech. When episove arrive the city is in the midst of a hurricane and they are moved to an underground storm shelter, while in the shelter the same fisherman recognizes the core on Chase’s hip and tells them about the wild core, how he survived the sinking of his ship, and how he spotted a S.

It will be an end to all Monsuno They learn that an end to all of this insanity is coming, but a different kind of end. In this confused state, a former S. After being captured by the evil Bookman, Chase, Bren, and Jinja must team up with a monk named Beyal in order to escape.

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Chase and the teens are trying epissode figure out a way to rescue Jeredy and Ace, before it’s too late from the cruel hands of Dr.

During an intense battle with S. There are two problems: However, believing there could be a way for Monsuno and humans to live in peace, Chase throws the trigger switch away.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Chase must now face the challenge of his young life all episodd while hoping to still find his father.

They bump into Dax. Chase heads to a special library to obtain an ancient book to fix his bond with Liger. After discovering the plan, Team Core-Tech tries to stop it.

It leads them to The Valley of the Five: Together, they take care of Trey’s Monsuno, Riccoshot. Search for ” Clash ” on Amazon.


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Audible Download Audio Books. Jon Ace leads the team to a mining operation where he, Jeredy and Klipse originally extracted and researched the meteor fragments, suggesting Chase might find a clue to his father’s whereabouts there.

These baddies are working for their evil boss, Professor Tallis, in obtaining a very destructive Wild Core Bomb. Chase gets the Core and in the ensuing struggle, a desperate Chase “spins” Lock into existence from this fully-loaded Core. Beyal has a vision of Master Ey in trouble.

e;isode Our heroes find themselves embroiled in a fight for the coveted vial of Monsuno Essence, which Jinja will use to create Charger. A little knowledge would go a long way with our heroes at the moment.

Good enough of a lead for our heroes to follow. Stars on the Oscars red carpet pick the nominees they’d love to work with on a project.

In the desert, Liger happens upon a Monsuno wild core buried in the ground and absorbs its essence. Chase and his two best friends Bren and Jinja arrive at one of Jeredy’s laboratories. Beyal tells them of a Book in the Library of Tebab that could restore their connection and their relationship, the only problem is they have to make it past the Bookman!

Chase and Team Core-Tech attempt to intercept an unauthorized sale of Monsuno Essence, but end up uncovering a more dangerous plot, crafted by Droog. Chase battles the soldier and defeats his monsuno Airchopper when Liger runs away.

Season 2 of the Clasu produced animated series, titled “Monsuno: Away from his core, Lock’s energy quickly fades and he begins to unspin permanently, until he unearths a wild core, which re-energizes him to supercharged levels. When Chase receives a garbled message from his father asking to meet up, our hero can’t resist.