Karl want’s to know what happened and Zeke’s desperately trying to cover it up by saying everyone’s exaggerating. Does anyone miss Kristoff St. Zeke doesn’t get on very well with parents, does he? Ok, we walked back to camp and we packed up. If only that would really happen! Zeke says he’s fine but Sunny’s in her room crying because her folks want her to move to Sydney. After being found the next day, mother and baby were airlifted to hospital where Bridget sadly died, and India was left without a mum, only a few weeks into her life.

Cliff When Zeke is nearly at the top, Declan reaches down and tells him to take his hand. Search for ” Episode 1. Sunny’s relieved that they’re safe and warm again. Also, i have been searching this website http: Donna calls Ringo in with a wheelchair, ready to break her out. He has another flashback to Phil finding him after the rafting accident. Elle begins to try her mobile again and Donna returns with Trisha, a St.

nekghbours Flustered, she eventually decides to go the St. Speak of the devil, he walks in with Steph, calls out Sunny and has reveals he has a solution. Sunny and Zeke are skeeping quiet, especially troubled Zeke.

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Lucas tries to rescue Sunny but she begins to lose her grip on the rope. Why on the neighbours episode website is it all different from TV?

Sunny tries to wake up Zeke, but he is confused and disorientated. Thank you, but Didge did all the heavy lifting. Rebecca, Steve and Miranda all rush at Karl when he relays the news.


I know Donna and Rachel are ‘late’ but what about Bridget????? Karl simply thought he was through this. Declan ecstatically yells into the phone that it’s eepisode girl and the 26 crew whoop it up.

Karl stresses about poor Zeke’s wellbeing. Elle does the speakerphone thing her side too so Karl can talk to Trisha and Didge can episod her parents. Beighbours and Steph comment on the rough introduction to parenthood as they’re only kids themselves.

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The lady said I was fine. Karl says he’s at 26, so Elle asks that he stay there – Bridget’s having the baby. Ringo says canteen whereas Donna says toilet. Donna returns with Trisha, a St John’s Ambulance officer. Neighvours didn’t know who I was. Elle tells Ringo to get Sunny and Zeke, and she and Donna will begin to pack. Hospital Bridget wants to go and see Tadpole but she can’t go as her blood pressures elevated.

Karl and Susan go to order and Zeke gives a smile to Sunny who was listening in the doorway. Number 28 Karl gets off the phone from Sunny’s dad and tells Susan that Mr Lee had no idea about the festival – Sunny lied to him.

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We’ve got to get you back to camp. Cliff The boys lower the rope down to Zeke, but he’s curled up in a ball in some sort of trance-like state and has another flashback to Phil finding him.

Bridget’s Tent Donna is working herself into a state because her phone has no reception and she doesn’t know how to help Didge. Miranda leaps on him for a welcome home hug and Steve is pleased to discover that she’s put her wedding ring back on.


He tells Susan that he’s going over to 26 to inform the other parents what’s going on at the festival. Sunny comes out in the nick of time and reveals that she’s epidode to stay in Australia but not with Zeke. She quickly decides to run to the St John’s tent for help, which is five minutes away.

Declan and Lucas are very confused. Bridget’s Tent The helicopter can be heard overhead. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Susan asks Steph, who thinks it’ll be fine and Zeke’s very good with Charlie. Full Cast and Crew.

Debate was soon raging between Bridget and Declan over which of their friends was reliable enough to be godparent to the new baby, but their insensitive character assassinations on their friends, overheard on the baby monitor, led to a falling out within the group, and tension between the new parents. Callum Jones credit only Fletcher O’Leary Elle answers their questions about Didge, who is in obvious pain.

Miranda and Steve reunite.