The warm, loving flagrance of Gaitri was conspicuous as Nityaibi goes with elders to inform the girl’s family about the elopement. Newly Published on April 22, Cast: After completing his Bachelors degree, he left Imphal, in pursuit of his dream and enrolled himself at the in Bhatkande College of Hindustani Music, Lucknow in The actors and actresses look and act well. With a rocking music. The cultural ethos now almost extinct, are portrayed with a sense of nostalgia. Working in good studios in city of entertainment – Mumbai – was amazing. Thamoigi Ningthoujam Dinesh 2 years ago.

Can you recall when was your first experience in singing? Thamoigi Ningthoujam Dinesh 2 years ago. Manipuri Movie- basanta nongallamdai part3 of 7. Pee thadoi Suraj Ph 7 years ago. Joychandra Khun 5 years ago. Eureka Film Production Cast: What was given more emphasis was the singer’s vocals and its qualities.

Best viewed with IE 7. When we talk about music icons in Manipur with a unique melody that has captured the heart of millions since the 70s, one name that comes to mind is non other than Sagolsem Tijendra.

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A new presentation of the young arist of manipur, Arjun R. The beautiful Manda and the Pritam with a boyish look act as the two who elope. I was moved by their hospitality, their words of encouragement and their acknowledgement for a regional artist and culture. A sweet not so good looking village damsel falls in love with a good looking studious lad of the same village who is running after a girl of a neighboring village who in turn scorns him while waiting for someone who never turns up.


An awsome film from romi meitei including a wonderful performance from abenao along with a fantastic role n act from kaiku.

Eureka Film Production Cast: Laaklo Laakle – Meichak Duran Thiyam 11 years ago. Now, more emphasis is given to the music.

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Ajit Ningthouja Stage and Light: The actors and actresses look and act well. Nongallabasu Thaballei Manam A classic film with a lingering fragrance.

Lukmaida Yolliba Eshei Nongmai 6 years ago. Pee thadoi Suraj Ph 7 years ago. A beautiful romantic story is given life by a classic script and rendering by noted artistes.

What can be done to improve the musical scenario in Manipur? Joychandra Khun 5 years ago. The hero goes to the city for further studies, the girl stays back.

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thwballei Music those days were dry, so to say. I really dont have much free time actually. The cultural ethos now almost extinct, are portrayed with a sense of nostalgia. If we compare the music of those days with today’s music; there is a lot of difference. She welcomed them and was adorning the flower on her ear as she knew Nityaibi loves it.

One of my all time favourite song would be ” Kellaba Samjigi Leirang ” of Pahari. Yek Salai Films Production Cast: He himself directed the film.

Thamoigi Ningthoujam Dinesh 2 years ago. The gripping tale echoes till the union of the two lovers. Nongallabasu Thaballei Manam The lingering fragrance is a film with a class. The powerful and popular voice of noted radio drama artiste N Medhajeet gives life to the wonderful dialogue between Nityaibi and Gaitri by lending his voice.


Nongallabasu thaballei leinam Makhal Mathel 3 months ago. Playfully and in poetic fashion she expresses her feelings only to go deliberately unnoticed.

They are disciplined, punctual, in short I should say the experience was more than expected. Misum laiwaa pubi wo Mikithi Kangleicha 9 years ago. Hankharo Johnson Chandam 8 years ago.

Who is the Best Actress? The meaningful, heart rendering dialogues maintain a harmony of human feelings which shuttles between reality and dream, love and hatred. He is apprehensive about the response of Gaitri considering the treatment he meted out to her and the unequal status of their children.

Working in good studios in city of entertainment – Mumbai – was amazing. My favourite singers are Nongmaithem Pahari, Manadey – an Indian classic singer. We can manage a song only using harmonium and tabla.

S Tijendra who gives the music churns out few songs, which the spectators hum as they go back to their home after watching the film with the fragrance still lingering around. She wonderfully plays the role of a dejected girt who never gives up, who is frightened by the reality that she can never marry the boy whom she loves so much.

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