Honey ice cream, honey tasting, savory food as well as coffee and cake In the context of short tours, the measurement tools at the Weather Station are shown and insights are given into meteorological measurement series. If you want to learn more about this, we warmly invite you to a tour of the ecologically farmed part of our experimental station in Kleinhohenheim. How can you get perfume from plants? With all senses – On the trail of sensors. Over the past years, Mediterranean food has become more and more popular. Design your own pins. Location Stand in front of the canteen, Garbenstr.

These factors include, but are not limited to, the limited liquidity and the limited operating history of the Company. Also have a look at the neighboring program point: Otto-Rettenmaier Audimax Architectural Tour. Ticks Like lice or mosquitos, ticks belong to the group of ectoparasites. Above the vineyard handicapped accessible. Anything is possible — even square or triangular balance-wheels.

It will also be explained for which current research projects they are relevant. Variety, quality, sustainability, and health are things we want to discuss with you using different cream cheese samples as examples. Will Pepa be able to find Picture with the help of the kids?

Progress Watch — A Revolution in Watchmaking [Aug ] | TimeZone

Not until the 20th century were ever more refined adhesives developed up to instant adhesive in medicine or special adhesives for Formula 1. The department looks in particular at the interactions among crops and harmful and beneficial insects.


Such tiny details, virtually invisible from outside the case, remind us that some watchmaking arts cannot be mastered overnight. Event organizer Institute progreess Botany Contact Prof. Initial annual production should be between 30, and 40, pieces. How important organs develop Under the microscope, we will show you how fruit flies help in genetics to understand how important organs are created. Successful biological crop protection requires sound knowledge of the biology of harmful and beneficial insects.

The Department of Agricultural Engineering in the Tropics and Subtropics will show examples from research that can be experienced, smelled, and for the brave even tasted.

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But Harer “ups the ante” a few hundred notches with the unveiling of his new tourbillon, while also introducing us to his newest project, the luxury line Joseph Chevalier. The CFH is a central technology platform for large equipment, complex analytics, and databases to strengthen research at the University.

HS 4 handicapped accessible. The department is concerned with the interplay among cultivated plants and harmful and beneficial insects in orogress to make biological crop protection more efficient.

Body fat check Artur Pfitzner Not only humans and animals can have viral diseases, also plants. Business, Economics and Social Sciences. Under the Palace balcony.

Stand in front of the canteen, Garbenstr. Palace, inner courtyard, in case of bad weather in the festival tent. We also introduce you to current research topics and work with modern analytic devices. All visitors, young and old, can design their own pins at our stand. How does the stomach of a cow work? And we will show how we inventory our exhibits today. Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow. Experience the Hohenheim vineyard and Hohenheim wines.


Why is the flame so bright? Soils are a transformation product of rocks and dead biomass and undergo a tremendous development over thousands of years, influenced by the atmosphere and all living creatures, including us.

In the anniversary Festive Week from 3 – 7 July, the Museum is open from 9 a.

Progress Watch — A Revolution in Watchmaking

Using specific examples, the role of enzymes in food production will be presented and explained. But unfortunately, the two ocean travelers will experience a few unexpected surprises Lutz Fischer Without enzymes, there can be no life.

Palace inner courtyard in case of bad weather, in the Palace central building, lower foyer handicapped accessible.

Everybody is looking for new ways to use biogas and yield more profit. Location Meiereihof Research Station, Schwerzstr.

In this process soils develop particular functions which fulfill tasks important for maintaining the ecosystem, such as the protection of groundwater against contaminants or petet storage of carbon.