Look around and see what else you could use? Like – sit, roll, bark stay, or down? Have a look at the different houses…what sort of roofs do they have? Make some cards with pictures of eggs, babies and mothers and play a game of ‘match-ems’. A visit to the city: Control Flutter, Flutter Butterfly Comp: Have fun at the beach with all your Play School friends.

The live sound is clear and the dynamic range is uncompressed, so it doesn’t always sound like people are shouting. In the first half of the program Benita, George and Trisha have lots of fun with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra singing songs and making music, and in the second half they have a great time entertaining and encouraging children to participate in different aspects of music, sound and song. Start With a Classic Cult. You might even be able to see a cow being milked. Muddle up the pieces and have fun putting the pieces together again. Karen Pang and Teo Gebert Pianist: Special 55 Seasons no air date — 25 mins.

Rondor Little Bo Peep Composer: Special 3 At the Zoo T Who did he run away from?

Decorate a Bag 2. The appearance of guest presenters each day adds to the surprise of the daily shows that entertain and encourage participation of the young viewers. The cartons could be painted or covered with paper, windows drawn in with people looking out and a track made of corrugated cardboard.

Have you ever seen a horse and wagon?

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Your turtle can now play in the rock pool scene see below. International Music Publications Ltd.


Play School Team Publisher: Was this review helpful to you? Walker Books Make and Do 1. There is so much to explore playschoool the farm as Justine and Matt set up a play farm, real sheep come to visit us at Play School and the toys enjoy a game of cricket. Songs “The Wombat Wobble” Composer: This video, supported by the Federal Sjmon of Road Safety, has all the magic Play School ingredients–songs, stories, craft and fun.

Rhys places the appropriate animal postcards in a jungle collage. Bernard Fanning – Morningtown Ride. One child can lay a trail for others to follow. Create another kind of picture using wet newspaper pieces put onto a large piece of cardboard, painted all over and then removed to form plain shapes. To make a sheep pen you will need: Unknown “Woof Woof Woof” Composer: Series Premiere 1×01 Television – Monday.

Play School

Trivia One of the original “Ted’s” is missing, presumed stolen. Special 38 Celebrity Covers: Traditional English Folk tune; Words: On a starry night you can look up in the sky and see many stars, but watch for a while and see if you notice a falling star or a satellite. Pretend to be a weather or sports reporter.

You could add bubble bath liquid to the water. Mushroom “The Family Dance” Composer: Hide some shells and large pebbles in a sand tray by burying them in the sand.


Into this relationship are woven the stories, songs and activities that form the fabric of Australian children’s culture.


Songs The Monkey Composer: Photographs of family members and familiar objects also can provide a great foundation for a told story or picture book to share with a younger child.

A cowboy on a horse are added to a scroll box which is manipulated to create the feeling of movement. A Helicopter Ideas for Later Next time you are at the library, see if you can find a story about a plane, or a helicopter, sion a pig. Use some old milk cartons to make a train with carriages.

See if you can find out about others, and then look for pictures in books or magazines. Make some jelly some orange juice can be added instead of all the water. Log onto the Internet – Visit the library or look playscbool the internet to find out more about jungle animals – how they hide, where they live, what they eat and what they like to do.

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If there are kittens or puppies watch how they play or perhaps they are curled up asleep. Make and Do A Drippy Painting. Using the cardboard rolls attach the “bullbars” to the front of the boxcar.