Never losing sight of serving the people that cannot be served by private broadcasters. You’re going to get the money either way. We expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future. Listen — Choix du site sur Mars Mars site selection. Is the Pope a communist? Listen – Batteries explosives Explosive batteries.

Listen — Photos de la seconde guerre mondiale WW2 photos. Listen — Police du sourire Smile police. On est tout seul dans notre bassin de population. Third, if cable companies still want to produce their own programs and, on top of that, want to sell advertising, they should apply for a licence. I guess I’m just concerned when I look at the amount of monies that some of the companies have gotten and there doesn’t seem to be a corresponding increase in expenditures. Oct 08, Listen Word of the day:

That’s not the intent here. You can go on and pluus the benefits of the Fund right now online. That is the way Listen — Secours pakistanais Pakistani rescue teams.

Jun 16, Listen – Le sexe ou le chocolat? If LPIF is eliminated, what impact would this have on the amount and type of local programming produced and what other methods or incentives are available to ensure that local programming will continue to be produced?


Listen — Grandes vagues Large waves. Well, I don’t think it’s a subsidy. Listen – Incidents de laser Laser incidents.

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Listen — Dans une ville Taliban In Taliban city. Listen — Test ive Blood test. Mais si on leur donne du temps It’s been extended and extended. Mais il y a beaucoup trop de choix. Listen – Trop dangereux Too dangerous. Listen — Toilettes Toilet.

Listen — Pilote aveugle Blind pilot. Up until I left, no talent MC interviewer was paid. There would be times where we might share with one another if it was completely relevant to each of the communities. Listen — Nouvelles sanctions New sanctions. Listen — Riz blanc White rice. Maybe we can go into some specific examples and let’s — because there are various — I will give you a chance after — but there are various ways in which, obviously, programming on a community channel is done.

So you have until May 17 to do further written submissions, and you might want to reflect on those points.

It is, for all practical purposes, the only over-the-air television station be,le actual local programming in all of Nova Scotia outside of Halifax.

Listen — Ralentissement Slowdown. And he gave us a little clip about Chipman and about Channel Well, I totally agree with you it’s time to give consumers a break. Listen — A la retraite To be retired.


Acance note that the Official Languages Act requires that government publications be available in both official languages. Listen — Prix au Japon Prices in Japon.

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Listen – Prix des ordinateurs Computer prices. Almost 99 per cent of the time they are distinct. Listen — Les gays en Iran Gay people in Iran. Help me understand that. What would an obligation that we impose on community channels look like? Perry, you gave a lengthy description of what is going episoee the community channel of Rogers in New Brunswick. Listen — Les singes aiment la grammaire Monkeys like grammar. Listen – Comportements sur le net Online behaviour.

Listen — La croissance japonaise Japan growth. Et on va epiisode puis on va faire de notre mieux, comme on a toujours fait.