Once it is revealed in perfect timing, the long awaited joke is successfully injected. When I entered the establishment, I could not tell the difference between the bouncers from the waiters. However, the themes of the performances of the comedians in Laffline obviously show the opposite. It is merely an entrance fee. I felt like a kid inside a store filled with toys and candies. The audience sat on the chairs arranged in front of the stage.

I noticed the wide variety of customers that flocked in the bar that night. After visiting Laffline, I have realized that comedy bars do not only show the evolution of Philippine comedy; they also mirror the significant change in our identity and heritage as Filipinos. Homosexuals have been the life of the comedy bar for the night. While this audience-participation segment takes about just one fifth of the show, it is nonetheless the most significant part on why television comedy shows can be seen as those of the comedy bar performances. The non-smoking tables are located at the front, which makes sense considering the cigarette smoke travels to the back, not the front. Before coming out as gay to his family and loved ones, Vice Ganda was known as “Tutoy”, which was his nickname as a young boy. Jose Marie Borja Viceral born March 31, , known by his stage name Vice Ganda , is a Filipino comedian, television presenter, endorser, actor, author, fashion icon, and recording artist.

CF1 is a duco The interiors of the comedy bar seamlessly complemented the function and atmosphere of the establishment. Some have cpmedy share of decent jokes and stories, while others mostly give green and sex jokes.

From Cultural Icon to People like those who laughed and jeered with me would rather escape from reality for a while to enjoy the simple joys in life. What happened next startled the entire audience.

But boy, were we surprised. Archived from the original on October 19, Although Viceral, initially defended his stance, saying that vive brand of humor he uses is based on his roots doing stand-up in comedy bars and karaoke lounges, the comedian eventually issued an apology over the issue during an episode of It’s Showtime!

Vice Ganda

The researcher tried to construct a textual analysis on the different style, format and concept of the shoe. Laughter is a part of human behavior regulated by the brain, helping humans clarify their intentions in social interaction and providing an emotional context to conversations.


Laffline Tanda Universe 06 Oct. Archived from the original on October 1, Retrieved May 19, These people have come to love viice job. The people around us were older and almost all of them were drinking alcoholic drinks.

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A person would easily empathize more and identify with the friend who addresses your presence while he tells his story as compared to a person narrating his experience on television. Apparently, the bar did not impose gnada age limits as to who may or may not enter. He is best known for his stand-up routines, in which he uses observational comedy, situational irony and sarcasm in pertaining to Filipino culture and human sexuality.

The concert, however is not comfdy the form of a song and dance number rather an extension or an enlarge comedy bar. As for the gag shows like Banana Split, humor as weapon is implied when the character of the comedian is dealing with an obvious crime. He is a regular host-judge on ABS-CBN ‘s noontime variety show It’s Showtimeand has starred in several films, eight [3] of which are considered to be the highest-grossing in Philippine cinema.

He studied political science at Far Eastern University. Aside from the spontaneous exchange of comical jokes, pick-up lines and anecdotes, I noticed the frequent delivery of sexually connotative actions and puns.

I guess the field of entertainment had been one of their outlets to speak up and express themselves for the people of the society to be heard. After eating we headed to the venue, Laffline. Although branding all homosexuals as outgoing, funny, and uninhibited is stereotyping, the homosexual hosts are probably hired in part because of this. Yet, as we laugh, we fail to notice all the problematic social realities that phnchline presented and stressed in front of us.

The performers are really talented. In between sets, singing performances are also staged. This interaction breaks the fourth wall which is common place among performances that employ a stage and a separate area for the audience. It was a good thing that Diana was a sport and did not take the slurs personally. In the end, everybody was open to the topic.

The smell of the area was strong to the nose as it was a mix of cigarette smoke, alcohol and fried chicken. They would not want to leave their jobs to go to showbiz, where critics punish and scandalous gossips thrive.


Experience the Punching Jokes at Punchline Comedy Bar in Quezon City.

However, the truth is that life has been difficult for them. Filipinos are known to be happy-go-lucky individuals who enjoy spending time with their families and group of friends.

The area was cramped and it housed more than a hundred people. That week was a bit stressful one for me due to several long tests that were scheduled. Archived from the original on April 20, The majority of them are homosexuals who have feminine bodies. LGBT Community in the Philippines is now starting to shout out and the community is now starting to accept it little by little.

The performers would often make fun of people in the audience by talking about their physical appearance, social status and others. But the other would argue and answer using out of the world scenarios to escape the situation. Much of his comedy style is sarcasm, making fun of current events, and picking on the physical appearance or social status of other people.

Despite being biologically male, he was able to belt out a Celine Dion hit with an exceptional high pitch. Vice Ganda made a joke about rape involving Jessica Soho, who is a known news personnel also from the Philippines.

And perhaps we can learn from them: Harveen Ang SA21 I.

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The waiters and ushers were more eager to convince the customers to vanda. However, Laffline, like everywhere else in the country, has a rule prohibiting the sale of alcoholic drinks to minors.

As cited by Bautistaresearchers from University of San-Jose Recoletos studied the role of sarcasm and criticism on Filipino humor. There, they are accepted and they could do whatever they want. The other type comevy jokes is insults. In the comedy bar, the society becomes one.