Amazing reading due to the never ending twists and turns while full of emotional highs and plenty of lows. Tessa rated it it was amazing Nov 12, To be quite honest I actually like this series better than all three of the previously mentioned ones. But then they start showing signs of sentience — creating war and ambush strategies, their own villages and social structures, as well as expressing facial emotions. Deuce Fade Stalker Tegan Watch the trailer. Get Enclave from Amazon. Fade is moral down to his core, and even if Stalker grows to become a moral person, it still won’t ring true for me.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As she is exiled along with fade from the only home she has ever known her world is turned upside down by the discoveries she finds on the surface. I would recommend this book for people that like An adventure. On the other hand, that is a message that should never, never be sent especially in a book aimed at young adults. This is a tense, action-packed dystopia with intriguingly gray characters. And what is it with him anyway? The way women are dealt with outside of Deuce in the last two cultures we encounter are…. Great continuation from the first book in this series.

Razrland spark of hope was passed through its lineage, creating a group of Freaks not wanting to fight with and kill the humans for no reason. It’s messy and danger is constantly surrounding them, but the crazy makes it somehow sweeter. He keeps trying to kiss her even when she’s repeatedly told him no. I love Tegan, but care not a whit for Stalker.

Upon return to her enclave, Deuce arranges a trade agreement between the two groups. They begin the return journey to their own enclave with heavy hearts.


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Outpost Razorland 2 – serifs. Related articles Horde by Ann Aguirre teenbookbattles. Before I start this review, I just wanted to note that my younger readers or those of you who are squeamish may not want to read this review and especially the book because it deals symmary some very, very dark subjects.

Fade did redeem his character in my eyes in this one. They decide to take the boy back to the enclave even though they know they will be punished for returning without completing the day’s duties. Holy everlovin’ crap balls, people. Deuce and Fade fit together so well, it was almost hard to have Tegan and Stalker join them Topside. Calista Artemis rated it it was amazing May 04, They leave immediately and are forced to find a way to survive topside.

Where Tegan was gang-raped and had not one, but TWO still births. This is a tense, action-packed dystopia with intriguingly gray characters. Part 1, Down Below: This series is likely to hold considerable appeal for fans of The Hunger Games.

What did you think of the series? This is where the story started getting really dark for me. Deuce leaves with Fade, her hunting partner and co-confessor, to discover that the world topside is nothing like the elders always claimed it would be.

This is the dawn of a completely different world and the battle for it is on the horizon.

I almost forgot about the horrors lurking outside the walls of Salvation for a while. The book picks up right after Outpost with Deuce, Tegan, Fade, and Stalker fleeing the colony Salvation in search of aid and additional forces. That’s some good story telling!

We even see the return of some characters that we have not seen from Enclavemuch to the happiness of Deuce. Dec 26, Sophia rated it it was amazing. A short time later, Deuce is introduced to her new hunting partner, Fade. I am sixty-eight years old and enjoyed the book totally.


The Razorland Trilogy by Ann Aguirre

With some graphic and gross imagery and a hard look at a post-apocalyptic world, Aguirre has taken themes from Scott Summady and an assortment of zombie literature and created something that is very much her own — and a very engaging read. I read both of these books in one night as well as 1.

She lives in Mexico with her husband, two children, two cats, and one very lazy dog. It also sparked hope in that Freak that peace was possible with the humans. Deuce and Fade decide to leave the city. I enjoyed the books, particularly for the outstanding world building, and the action and adventure aspects were excellent as well. Cookie’s Tasty Reviews Driving into zeries world of delicious books.

I thought the world building in this was amazing.

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Get to Know Us. Deuce only knows how to fight. Sex, for most of her life, was seen only as a means of reproduction, a task assigned to Breeders only and only at the discretion of the Council.

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They run into many Freaks, including a group who appear to be more intelligent than the ones they have encountered in the past. And not only are they raped, more specifically they are gang raped.