I hope the drama’s playing the who-be-the-daddy game just for the sake of playing the game. Liking someone is not a matter of choice. Could someone please help me out? Besides, they were all really busy with school, their work, going to the military, etc. Ah, you ARE making porn! Meta [Happily never after] Maybe

He heaves a sigh every time someone calls his name. Like the day when he told her not to make him date Yoojung, his randomly showing up when Joonhee and shiwon were together and his frequent weird questions like “Who would you save when one is drowning? The grabbing of the baby picture can only be Yoon Jae. I don’t speak Korean but like the rest of kdrama fans here, I know several words thanks to years of kdrama watching. You already like her. I think I’ve said this, but the writers are amazing. Either Shi-won and Yoon-jae finally ended up together or He orders Yoon-jae up to the front of the room, to be punished for his classmates.

Dad continues the hair-pulling screamfest all the way home. I get its episodee when people say that this kind of teenage angst is universal. As move as TW’s action at the end was moving kinda suspected thatI actually thought Uncle telling Dad about how he hated his hyung and then came to realize that he was all wrong about that at that end was even more poignant.

I think it was the same restaurant relly different sections where you can eat on the ta ble and chairs and where you can eat on the floor.


So he outed his own lie, with his face? But he says it first: Answer Me Favorite. He thanks her, which is a surprise, and says that Hyung must still be more comfortable with her. Yoon-jae gets to his desk in the morning to find a stack of resumes… for a bride. Is this foreshadowing or what? Sometime later, Shi-won comes out to find Sung-jae washing up after gym class and they tease each other about whose chest is bigger. Shi-won has a work emergency when the guest they cast for a talk show segment geared towards high school students taking their college exams falls through at the last minute.

Where can I buy the album soundtrack and original dvd of reply This show is cute and heartfelt, and I enjoy it.

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Do you still like me? The maturation of Sungjae was also nice to see. I agree with you Sabah drmaacrazy this one! I don’t think he should have to suffer that much.

So did my heart. Sigh, this is a pain the digital age knoweth not. It is a happy ending, but it does have a little melodrama to it. Ariel September 14, at And as he cries, his pager goes off in a round of angry messages from Shi-won: Turns out the exclamation point is more fitting than they know.


I feel for Sung-jae the same way I do for Tae-woong. I think I’m gonna paint a shitload of them around Auckland for good measure lol. I want him too! It could be an instrumental composed specifically for motion pictures.

INR2 had so dramarcazy kisses that’s almost impossible to pinpoint a kiss scene if you see it out of context.

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But it only lasted a month and he went belly-up, having been conned. I’m sure this will be a benchmark drama where these actors will springboard into more outstanding and amazing careers. How interesting that they turn out to be brothers. She even uses her real name on the show. Episoee do I keep running into you here? How’s that for brotherly similarities?

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What a great, true friend he is. They tacked on a love interest for Tae-woong if of course we epksode to believe that he’s married to the doctor. Joonhee still such a sweetheart even though I know his heart is breaking into pieces.

Anyone know or I can get the ringtone where the sound comes out of a sheep when they said something ugly.