Select the door to Papierwaite’s office. Flint wears the hat. Use the cookies on the nose, give the correct phrase for the hieroglyphics, and use the Can o’ Nuts to go under the grate. The point at which this is triggered is when you insert the extra blocks into the spell. Tell the audience how you manage to thwart the thief and recover the treasure? Skun-ka’pe holds on the wheel to stop from being sucked into the Penal Zone. Try to open the steamer trunk and Jurgen comes back in time to throw the duo out of the cabin.

How do I not get thrown off the train? The reel ends when you finish searching either Jurgen or Kringle’s trunks depending on which you do last. So before putting the blocks into the spell in Reel 2 you need to have solved the Challenge of the Sphunx. Sam chases Frankie the Rat into an alley. The can was stolen from the Tomb of Sammun-Mak. Try placing it on the general’s back.

This will cause them to form a straight path along their backs. Learn about the general and our hero. Throw the bust of Sammun-Mak on either entryway. Talk to the cockroach museum security guard, Papierwaite’s employee. Talk to Baby Amelia and see that she gets thrown to the sarcophagus.

Skun-ka’pe was here earlier. Instead, head into the building where you’d normally find the office to instead find the Mole Woman casting a curse over seaosn of the elves.

See the zeppelin fly around close to the tapestry. Enter Baby Amelia’s room. Select Dark Alley on the map. Throw it through either door and it’ll be chopped in half as well as break the mechanism behind the deathly doors. The first time you do walkhtrough will be automatic, and you’ll find yourself in control of Sameth and Maximus, who are being pinned down by gunfire from St. Sameth nearly fell off the ledge. The narrator states that this is the future.


Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse – Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak – FAQ/Walkthrough

Use the drinking glass on Maximus to get a glass filled with milk. Lasted only 7 weeks of evolutionary diversity. We will deal with that later.

Change to Max and teleport back to anyplace away from here. If you’ve talked to the Mole Woman about the newspaper that she dropped in the aand then Play it Straight and then give the cucumber punchline. Since you need to have left him in the room you can’t get this and Doppel Fluch on the same playthrough as he will ealkthrough be at the Sarcophagus or he won’t be a vampire when he gets the Sexo Rejexo Hexo from the Mole Man. His tray outside the door contains nothing but an empty glass, and it seems he’s still waiting for his order to arrive.

darkFAQs – Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse – The Tomb of Sammun-Mak – Walkthrough

Mole man throws the curse on all men that Nefertiti has a crush on. Slushie changed and is very pale. Remember that there are 3 empty block slots at the end of the spell. Learn that the artifact he wants is the Eye of the Yog Soggoth, one of the items spread by the Great Comet.

Everyone’s pretty walkrhrough about the elves’ home, but you may find a clue in St. Talk to Kringle completely. Sam’s gun, Stinky’s cell and other inventory are placed in the box outside the room. There is another exit at other end of the hallway once the sconce on the other side is pulled.

Go to chamber of delight: Use the shot glass from Meesta Pizza and Stinky’s cell phone with the record of a meet with ‘S’ on scanner. Look for the homing beacon: Learn that they are using Max to get the Toy Box to hold the toys of power. Go to the right end of car and check the luggage.


But they need another member to get that service to work. Check the trash cans on the right. Press the red button to start the movie. Go to the Elves’ room. She leaves the diner. It is now one of Maximus’ powers. Look around and see that the there is a tunnel at seasoj side of the subway.

Unfortunately, you’ll find that the toy box has been stolen and your steamer trunk is now empty. How do I get off the wall? If you’ve talked to the Mole Woman about an newspaper that she dropped in the srason then Play it Straight and then give the cucumber punchline. Use that milk on the tray outside Kringle’s room and then knock on his door, pretend to be room service and use the Can o’ Nuts to hide. See Max’ body where Sam left it. The Museum is exhibiting Treasures of the Forgotten Pharaoh.

Exit through the side door. Sameth and Maximus are still under the Sexo Rejexo Hex. Switch back to Maximums via clicking on him and trick Papierwaite into sammunn into the Toybox.

The door is locked. Get Stinky out of her cell and be at the throne: Sam says that he wants to know what he’s looking for. Upon arriving at Little Artic Circle, see the mole woman reprimand and curse the elves. Enter the ominous door-Mole Processing room on the left.

Use Max’ new powers of foretelling. Learn that the winning lottery ticket was sold to Harry Moleman.