One of the best compliments my work has ever received. My instructor was a former student of Ms. In fact, I imagined we would defy societal norms and prove that love conquers all. My wife and I married in the same year as an older sister. And now I chose it to work for its underlying literary philosophies. Lit here in UM Digos and it is really nice piece, no doubt it should be included in the canon of Philippine Literature. Must have been oxytocin overdose sponsored by the baby in my womb. I decided to read your piece not just because it uses new words but because it is a real life story.

This site uses cookies. As I finish the story to read, it gives me lessons. Maam Jhoanna, I can tell that you are so kind and a shy type because you never tried with to argue with your in-laws despite your hurt feelings towards them. I could even read this thing again and again. I have been reading this for the nth time and still, my heart leaps a bit every time I read it. We must not give up easily if we do not fit or feel belong in a certain place.

Mahirap silng mahalin under any circumstances, kung ang Babae ay hindi tanggap ng tribu at communidad sa dahilng nabanngit sa kathang ito. Email required Address never made public. Thank you for your generous praise and love!

I love her character so much!


Test of Fate: A reflection on “Sapay Koma” – marccapacillo

He had gotten tired of my transgressions and sought solace olot his friends. It turned out he was giving us the VCD player he had won in a barangay raffle.

I imagined that my new boyfriend had read the story in his Philippine literature class and meant for me to recognize his gift as an allusion. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: When I asked komw nervous groom, he agreed. Notify me of new comments via email.

We tried to make amends. Life is never easy.

Test of Fate: A reflection on “Sapay Koma”

I was used to flouting norms and not needing anyone. Notify me of new comments via email. This site uses cookies. You made me tear up and burst out laughing all in one seating.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. As I reflect, I realize that love is about sacrificing, it is all about decision-making. I was afraid of the possible repercussions so I let it languish in obscurity.

Love Conquers All: A Reflection on “Sapay Koma”

We inline ourselves with the perfections of love stories, novels, and fairy tales, then become a new person, different from what we were. I hope that the people in this story have already forgiven each other. This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your WordPress. Jhoanna, such an intriguing piece! But despite the closed windows, I could still smell the burning hair and later, the meat cooking.


You see, he was a Philosophy major under the tutelage of two young Jesuit-educated instructors, who had come to the mountains from Manila to indulge their fantasies about love and teaching in that order. A very pregnant stranger ambling up and down the steep Upper Mangga Road would have been a conspicuous mystery. Her first book, Women Loving: Fill in your details below or pllt an icon to log in: As the writer went through the many pained, difficult events in a marriage, she still manages to write with so much symbolism.

I love plit story,we discussed it in our literature class ploh I love it. Also, I was hoping that this way, Koma would forgive me for having failed him, for offering him as a sacrifice at the altar of my marriage. I am more than blessed that I have been a part of the said seminar.

After a years of secretly wed. You are commenting using your WordPress. And for his part, my husband argued existentially that we should live by the integrity of our own little family.

A Saussurean epic indeed.

Thus we began our married life: That even a tiny ant has a problem.