Mr Annymous Better than this plan, you pay the amount to a charity house. Anybody can recommend better tax saving options which should be able to take out after locking period. Anonymous January 05, Is it Complexity or Confusopoly? I called the advisor and he said it is by mistake and new document will be coming soon. Now first year premiums have already been paid Rs.

The amount will be refunded at the first day of 4th year. Hi Fisher, I am Sunil, 31 years old from Hyderabad. So, it will definitely perform well in coming years and our FV will be rewarding. Sunil December 07, However, even if the value of investment done by the ULIP drops to 0, the insurer still has to pay you the sum of 20,00, I myself have surrendered the policy after contiuing it for 6 years at a loss of Lets say they collect Crores in from all of us when NAV is

NAV ca be high as we can see here, but as we all know that the charges are deducted thru cancelling the units and not by lowering the NAV.

Anonymous June 06, What’s the lesson we learn from this? I also did a rough calculation coz the returns are not in one instalment to be able to work out easily but spread over 5 years. I have noticed some common concerns and confusions here regarding insurance and tax. Will now spend sometime in figuring out a good mix for my investment basket. First of all, I agree completely with fisher in this regard.

Anonymous December 06, Fisher May 19, I think you have not invested in this that’s why you are not realizing the pain of ours. Hi Nisha I just read your post and found that you have taken Komal Jeevan for your kid. They don’t go by theories but by experience.


SBI Life – Smart ULIP (Series II) – Money Market Fund

Bad choice overall — I opened mine with 90, premium in — and its significantly below my original investment. Please share your thoughts. I just read it just one day before issuing Rs.

Premium paying term is 3 and 5 years while the policy term is 10 years.

Anonymous June 10, But when I checked the policy document, the premium should be paid at least for 6 months in my case for a policy surrender.

I was thinking to invest in SBI smart ulip I got carried away by SBI Brand name and security for fund. This led me to approach a different agent for a quote on Jeevan Saral.

For section 80C, life insurance and retirement plans are a strict no-no! The entire policy is for 25 years and the return averages perfomrance 7.

Arun M February 12, Anyway let them manage my Rs 30 thousand. I was def considering the policy last week and as per the details provided to me by the LIC Agent the return is spread over almost 9 years.

For more details, spare a few moments of your precious time to read the blog.

ULIP Fund Overview | Morningstar India

You can consult your financial adviser for the correct estimate of your risk appetite and the suitable investment avenues for you.

And though I quite didnt expect it to be so Nilay Anand September 28, Fisher November 29, That is a huge loss. Good and Valuable guidelines given by Fisher. Dominic I just wanted to oi how much premium are you paying and the clause on policy bond where you have found this information about premium and what exactly it means because I also want to surrender as I am also stuck in this SBI Smart ULIP and want to get rid of it as soon as possible.


After reading most of the posts in the blog Dominic November 10, Last year when I visited local SBI branch with my wife I ended up buying two sbi life smart power insurance level cover policies. Age taken for calculation serirs 40 years; when it is considered for the person in the age group of 25 to 30 years, we do see the good return on investment.

SBI Life – Smart ULIP (Series II) – FlexiProtect (Series II) Fund

Keep aside some money for good MFs and take ELSS for tax saving and for insurance, buy any term policy for years. As usual, first the good things about this product: The duration for payment of premium is 3 years.

Call their customer care then and there for confirmation of their claims. You may go to heaven SBI Life takes you to hell for sure.

I have changed my mind. Thanks to Indian voters, yesterday Sensex jumped by 2, Need your comment on this Fisher.

I know many of you may not agree with me, again it boils down to individual requirement and the phase at which an individual looks at these products.

This results in more allocation to debt instruments and your investment returns suffer. Mr Annymous Better than this plan, you pay the amount to a charity house. And resommend the best one. Any which ways I was in the process of calculating the IRR estimate which comes to only around 7.