Nicole finds a clue but loses Vinnie. Curtis grapples with grief. Murray resists Jimmy’s charms. Wendy experiences an illicit thrill. Lucy chooses hope over experience. Dayna is tempted by the prospect of wealth. TK gets drawn to the dark side.

Find a TV show or movie. Nicole learns a heart-breaking secret. Pixie dumps the family for Harry. Clementine’s failure wins Bella. Clementine gains a new insight. Mo’s money lesson is lost on Margaret.

Nicole makes a mistake that may be her last. Kane gets a win – and an even bigger loss. Bella faces extreme temptation. TK and Kylie are ships in the stfeet. Jack lays down the law. Pania stoops to conquer.

Shortland Street

Nicole goes back to basics. Murray drives 58999 crazy. TK lets the devil in. Victoria makes an Unlikely ally. Leanne breaks a heart. Dayna pays for her mistakes. Rachel’s torn between love and duty. Drew yearns for the woman he can’t have. Kane’s good deed is torpedoed. The series has drawn acclaim for its handling of issues such as safe sex, AIDS, child abuse, alcoholism, cot death and suicide.


Kylie breaks her silence – and her relationship. Mo accidentally terrorises Damo.

Dallas is forced to reassess an old friend. Curtis takes revenge to a new level. A steet family is formed. Margaret takes over from Mo. Drew’s past comes back to haunt him.

Mo discovers an awful truth. Curtis plays with fire. Boyd finds a crusade. Victoria loses friends and allies.

Margaret digs herself deeper. Vinnie shirks his responsibilities.

Curtis grapples with grief. Margaret saves the day.

Shortland Street Season 24 –

Harper’s challenged to come clean. Jimmy lets family slip through the xhortland. Murray’s kicked into touch. Nicole and Vinnie have a heart-wrenching secret. Lucy dances with the devil. Harper rediscovers a friend and fears an enemy. Clementine sees Pania’s true colours.

Kylie takes TK to task. Boyd and Harper’s opinions get in their way. Bella’s shocked to realise her heart’s desire.

Mo battles to keep his family together. Curtis risks all to play the hero. Pride goes before a fall for Rachel. And a new foe. Victoria hardens her heart. Mo pleads for his son.