Instead, he tells Se-kyung the truth. For the sake of their relationship, it is advisable that they start on a clean slate. I’m hoping it’s not going to be a costly mistake. He does have one more option she can take without getting caught, and hands her a white envelope. Ally January 8, at 5: He is not a cool President, not a prince who can save Se Kyung, he is just a weak man who deeply loves Se Kyung. And compound the sneakiness by writing that manipulative letter?

Han Se-kyung tells him she does not want this job anymore, unless she meets the president of Artemis. The ‘darkness’ that was promised is just teasing me. The fact that they all make mistakes and have issues makes me feel like they are real. Tommy Hong is in the business of collecting ‘classified’ information on people, and using that to orchestrate matches, while excluding competitors. I really love this episode and am glad to see Se Kyung feeling so guilty. I think I knew it was, I am not sure I realized however the extent to which it actually was. She goes to Tommy Hong to reason with him. It is okay when done by the rich and famous but it comes down right dirty and ugly when done by someone from the low rank of society.

As I feel like her finally in the end understood Seung Jo. He just started to realize that if he continues to disapprove with SK, he will never get a chance to reconnect his ties with SJ. Tommy watches all this unfold, amused.

Even if it is going to hurt him, because getting over that kindof hurt is also part of the healing proces. And I wish she wouldn’t wear circle lenses, it just makes it worse. Se-kyung begins removing the clothing from the mannequins, and hears a whisper calling out her name. It could very well be his father.


Seung-jo already packed the basics. Cold, harsh, shrewd and definitely very driven to succeed, Se-kyung seems even sinopsls saddened that Seung-jo is going to be completely out of her reach now. I’m not looking forward for an extension coz usually, that ruins the good vibes.

But what to do: As she was drinking her wine, so I worry. But Choi Ah-jung cannot remember anything. Hi Amy, I wondered cheongdamsong when will Tommy H. The entire time, In-hwa looks around nervously, gripping her tablet, waiting for the right time to speak up. The show could have put a little more effort into that.

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Love this episode too. That does take up a lot of courage even from a normal person not to mention from a person like SJ who has some mental issues. Also love her saying it was okay for a rich person to love poor person, but not a poor person to love sinopss rich person.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Like you, I am a nerd and I have become interested literally in anything that is Korea either North or South related. It was funny and revidw.

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When Han Se-kyung is delivering chheongdamdong set of pearl ear rings, she loses the Certificate of Authenticity. And possibly for mine, too. Mystisith January 15, at 4: How can anyone so lowly be better than her? Any thots on YJ? One thing I sincerely hope they won’t use is that curiously over-used K-drama device of fast-forwarding one or more years into the future at the very end.


Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 9 Recap

Instead, I hope she tells her to not give up on love. The big issue is as u said, Il-nam’s personality. The only way for SJ to have a stable relationship with another person is for him to acknowledge that he is loved, and deserved to be love by his father, and for me learning that his father did not abdomen him, but instead quietly supported him, will go a long way in helping him heal.

If you think that SJ had to pay for tuition fees, food and rent, that money would have been spend in couple of years so he did have to work hard to get where he is now. Ivoire January 16, at 1: But then it all turned out to be just a disappointment.

Tommy gives Se-kyung a worried look, and she catches sight of him. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: YOur judging SK so much. Or from Tommy Hong, somehow, anonymously? I myself used not to pay attention cheongdzmdong the actors’ beauty at all, but after years of watching Korean dramas and getting more into the K. That works much better