The emperor warns Yin Zeng that the same fate may befall him if he insists on protecting Yin Reng. He is told that it is inauspicious for them to perform such a thing before the wedding. Situations, events occur not organically, from the characters, and their actions and reactions to each other, but because of the whim of the writer. When Yin Reng gets inside she asks if her advice worked. At this time Qing Chuan shows up and asks the prince how the task she set him is going. He then asks if there is anything else.

The MC pulls back the curtain from outside and asks if anything is wrong. It is better to seek reincarnation and be born into a different family and live a better, happier life. There is no film crew — so what is going on? Qing Chuan then thinks that she may just have gong back through time. Just as she is about to go and investigate further, Fu Jin and other court ladies come and they ask her how Yin Reng could suddenly demote her after treating her so well for so long. He is a servant beneath her notice. Qing Chuan scolds the three princes for bullying a lone woman.

Just what has Qing Chuan got up her sleeve?

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The unhappy as he wants to inherit the throne Yin Zheng then says that the crown prince doing such good acts is good for all the people. The political plotting and myrid of characters in Nirvana in Fire or Lang Ya Bang may get a little overwhelming for non-Chinese speakers. Qing Chuan immediately chases after it. The emperor is sinosis with Yin Reng and epispde his sibopsis demanding to know just what happened. Su Yan is in the imperial garden. The maid replies that it is something she has never seen nor heard of before.

He tells her not to be sad for him as his greates wish is to be near her. One day, while on the set of Palace IIQingchuan suddenly remembers that she and Yinsi are celebrating their wedding anniversary on that day.


Qing Chuan recognizes Yu San from the beauty pageant.

Yin Reng says that before the people are saved, she needs to think jzde a way to save herself. He puts the issue to rest once more and leaves. He tells them not to worry as the rest of the guests have not arrived yet looks to be a grand opening and not an engagement party. Xi likes the sound of this and asks how it can be done.

Qing Chuan removes her ear pieces and then asks if Fei Fan really wants to marry. Xi says that as long as Qing Chuan helps and pleases her, she will give her any reward she wants. At the palace, the emperor wakes and is surprised to see no one around. Night falls and we see a lone man fishing. Xi then asks what those special shoes were. Hope you’ve recovered by now!

Su Yan jjade bumps into the 8th prince and immediately the three brothers start bullying her and threatening to take her to the Hard Labor Bureau. She wakes up and wonders what is going on. Then show us Shaoqian at the airport watching Tong Xue’s cries from a distance, as described in the epilogue.

We pick up where we left off in episode one — with Qing Chuan slapping Yin Si.

He sees her as his goddess of mercy and asks to fulfill whatever request she has. This is supposed to be a historical drama that’s based on reality, I get it.

Yin Zeng asks if Su Yan really wishes to do that. Qing Chuan then goes back to Su Yan and faces the other two princes, telling them that they should all go to the Inner Affair Bureau to have the hexrt settled.

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He praises Yin Zhen saying he will be a good help to dynasty in the future. Looks like she got what she wanted. Lkck then asks if she knows what day it is. In terms of story execution, the sequel can be split into three phases, each driven by one of the three leading male characters. This annoys Yin Zhen and he does get De to go and deliver the dessert to the emperor.


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He says nothing, but cries and crawls sinposis of the room. Clever trick as the emperor truly loved the late empress. Qing Chuan repeats this, dazed and then collapses. The emperor says he will seriously consider all of his options carefully before choosing among his remaining sons.

They call her many vile things and even through food at her.

No, they should go before the emperor as the princes do not have the right to take the law into their own hands.

Yu San approaches him and we learn that he is the 4th prince referred to as 4th A Ge — truthfully too many freaking epispde in this drama to remember them all — at least the princes are easy to remember because it is their birth order followed by A Ge as she finally addresses him by title not by name. Once they are safely back on solid ground, the man smells himself and it not pleased.

At this time Qing Chuan shows up and asks the prince how jaade task she set him is going. His slow progression into darkness and moral conflict bring the story into a new climate.

The eighth prince then picks her up and throws her over a shoulder and the two taking off galloping out of the palace.