Mei unhappily looked at Lucia and Rihito. Kento has shown himself to be more of a man, always defending and protecting Mei and never once waver to uncertainty. As the group prepared to leave, kento uttered” I said forget it. Elmo’s fire within Rihito. The white guy said if this goes on, Mei would be snatched about by Rihito. I was laughing when u said Rihito shone!

She presented a butler’s book, explaining that it has to be Kiba’s treasure as she had never seen him without it. Keep up the good works! Basically Kento wanted a duel with Rihito. Kento stormed out of the room in frustration. The girls crowd around Rihito claiming it must be some mistake and at the same time trying to ask for a hug too. When Kento came into room throwing the stack of pictures he had removed, he saw the board and went to help Mei to remove those in the class. Mei paused and looked disturbed. Hence Rihito is solely only there to ensuring she meets the qualification of an heiress.

Kento was more irate and accused Izumi was cheating by shitsujii people to me Mei. Thank you for the summary. I misheard the trailer. With them, I can usually watch the raw version and understand most of what happens. The principle stepped in stating that anyone who defies the challenge tradition was defying the school as well.

The girls slowly stood up one by one with their new butler joining in, all except Mei who remained seated.

Unfortunately, haven’t seen the anime u have mentioned. Kento looked at Mei with mixed emotions. While Rihito tried to leave the room, the evil guy asked where he was heading but Rihito said its none of his business. Mei arrived in the middle of the renewed fight. She turned up at the last minute to accept the duel with Izumi san.

Fuji explained her grandfather is a mafia and wanted her to marry some arab king but she only want to be housewife of Nezu. Its time to gather” the sole girls said. Tami went on declaring Lucia is different from Mei, in that her heart is soley filled with Rihito and no one else. Come check it out if you like.


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On way back, Kiba told Rihito to return to the butler school and not to Mei’s room. Mei fidget in discomfort at what was to come. Anycase, to me, it’s ultimately a viewers choice and I figure people who has always supported us will continue to do so right?

At that, Izumi’s stepmother tried to disregard the whole challenge even though Mei had stated as her challenge reward was for Kiba to stay in the school with Izumi.

Thanks once again As you didnt say a group of people as that would refer to sinopsiw. I think u are doing a great job too for the Mei chan community!! Do you really not care about Mei anymore?

I would never leave Mei’s side even by a step. The girls rushed to the class when they heard about it and asked what was happening. Kento was stumbling for a reason and Fujiko beat him to it saying he was jealous which Kento produsly denied.

Very soon you will be back” Lucia told a departing Rihito. If I could just keep by Sinopdis side, I would do anything! During the challenge, 4 secret attackers attempted to kidnap Mei.

The class the continue to hassle her if she had a boyfriend which Rika said such an idiot like her is impossible. She triped and fell but Rihito grabbed her in time. I was laughing shtsuji u said Rihito shone!

I assume its different since i see list of contributors on viiki version: Meanwhile Rihito and Izumi noticed Kento and Mei’s absence in the ball. Meanwhile, Fujiko was jealous about Nezu seemingly havin a good sionpsis with his chn mistress.

The head mistress at Mei’s place started to share her past with Mei’s mother, stating that Mei’s mum had been equally lively and well liked by her peers, though regretably, they had not been able to graduate together due to failed family financial and society status. Meanwhile Rihito was off by himself to help investigate the root cause of this challenge.


Mei-chan no Shitsuji Ep 08

The music suddenly started. It was the same bowtie that Izumi at 12 had made for Kiba and to him, Izumi sama was an irreplaceble treasure. Staying by Mei sama side, you will be unable to suppress your own feelings towards her.

After tomorrow, Mei sama can never return here again. Distracted, she nearly dropped the glass but kento caught it switly. However, despite his best efforts, he was no match for the 4 attackers. To that, Rihito revealed he knew the exact reason why Izumi’s stepmother did what she did, including the person he had discovered.


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In class, Fujiko was upset that Nezu seemed unaffected by her dancing with other guys. Meanwhile Fujiko was also affected and asked to be seperated from her butler as she had always been too clingy to her butler Nezu. She presented a butler’s book, explaining that it has to be Kiba’s treasure as she had never seen him without it. Rika spoke up stating that everyone had specially come to pick her up and Mei need not dispense such zinopsis towards them.

He then asked Mei to follow him and brought her to the greenhouse where she witness Lucia sama throwing herself at Rihito. Confronted by the bunch of butlers, Rihito was told by Nezu that he had been mistaken about Rihito.