I will pm you the graph if you like. Find More Posts by LotusElise. Same impression to me too. Mounting Materials Heat Wrap Silencers. Its too much manifold for a 2. My tuner have a dyno test session with a whp k Most of the fastest cars with big turbos over hp run our Cylinder Heads and this manifold right now. I’ll also talk about intake manifold application

Hmm so its possible thats good. DRAG, base on this info from Skunk2, it says an ultra street would be sufficient for mild build. Who knows you can’t dyno these cars. Manifolds look awesome, want one so bad, but what would you recommend for a K24 stock head, stock block with DC 3. Originally Posted by funktion This thread is both inspiring and discouraging. Over whp and

Even if it was tuned, I do not believe the results would change below rpm. I need some feed back good or bad. Thanks for posting Breadman. I’ll let you know more once we see it and test it. What intake is everyone running with this manifold?

I am not always sure about if those are just declarative or if those are irony or even sarcasm I’d love for it to be great, but the reality is that its gonna be hard to beat an RRC or RBC on a small low output motor like that.

Lets see it happen. In our spare time LOL! For example, changing only the plenum size and throttle body size may allow you to see the influence of the pressure recovery or pressure loss.


Visa Master Card Discover Paypal. These things have to fit under the hood of people’s cars to be practical, and many times that affects how they are designed as you know. I realize there are many variables involved but I feel like some influences could be isolated.

Ordered mine to go with my new head and dry sump kit from Luke. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. D pretty expensive development at the dyno without more deep knowledge about state of the art and the skujk2 itself.

Last edited by flesh; at D Markus, this is a very interesting topic. It appears to be gone, but I will get it from them and post it. Last edited by DRAG; at Later on I will point out that with some keyboard action graphics: Each manifold is CNC-machined for a precise fit, and individually inspected for quality. Originally Posted by BlackNDecker I have never been able to find any literature, testing or data on that and relationship between plenum volume and throttle body size.

Manifolds look awesome, want one so bad, but what would you recommend for a K24 stock head, stock block with DC 3. We all would like to “think” it’ll gain but won’t know till you or someone else tries it on the 20 with some added compression Sent from my SM-NT using Tapatalk.

Therefore I cannot dedicate the timer required to achieve the level of understanding I desire. They will be gone before Friday i Bet. Mounting Materials Heat Wrap Silencers. Quote message in reply? The K Series Source. I just want to see all these long posts and mathematical brilliance put into action. Car is under ultrw and would like to work out any kinks before I turn the key.


The dyno is good info, but a k24 could tell any entirely different story.

Skunk2 Ultra Street Intake Manifold

Originally Posted by DRAG Hopefully this information published by Skunk2 gives a little more insight into choosing a manifold for your application. Contact Us – K20a. Find More Posts by funktion. On the other hand it could be uktra of the field of being curious about something. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

Skunk2 Street Manifold – The K Series Source . Honda / Acura K20a k24a Engine Forum

I always have to figure things out for myself so I can fully understand them and understand how to manipulate them to achieve desired results. If it has a good pressure recovery zone, then the air will go into all the cylinders pretty evenly. Find More Posts by LotusElise.

I am afraid it would not be sufficient, but I don’t have the amount of experience as you guys do.